Monday, September 14, 2015

Beginning of September...Oh My!

This month is just flying by!

On September 1st, Nick started going to the new men's Bible study at our church.  For years now, a lot of the women have met every other Tuesday for Bible study.  Now, the husband's will be doing the opposite Tuesdays.  That means I get date nights with Brayden every other week.  The first week, we wen to the fish place in Ore City.  One of Brayden's favorties!

Sadly, on the second, Brayden got sent home from school with pink eye.  No fun.  But it's all cleared up now!

We had another GREAT night at Zip!  And I got sweet baby cuddles from Berkley Rae while she slept.

So, I mentioned in my last post that Brayden is now in a toddler bed.  He had done so well, then on September 4th, I woke up at 12:30am with him standing next to the bed inches from my face.  I nearly punched my child in the face.  It didn't help matters that his baby monitor gives off a blue hue to the room, so he looked like a tiny alien hovering over me.  After my heart calmed down, I took him back to his own bed.

I signed Brayden up for a Book Chain at the beginning of the month.  I've already received one book.  I'm so excited to expand his collection!

This was after the second football game.  He was worn out!  We left the game early that night because it was so hot.  Brayden was using us as jungle gyms, and I couldn't handle it any more.  We left halfway through the third quarter.  I so wish we would have stayed.  We were playing Gladewater, and our boys did an awesome job and won!  We were told we missed the best quarter of Pirate football in the last ten years.  Whoops.

This kid loves this little wagon that his Oma go him.  He always sits in it.  I think it's so funny because you can see the little wheels kicking out underneath him.  It will break one day, I'm sure.

We got to go with our church to a Frisco Rough Riders game on September 5th.  It was rather warm, but we had a lot of fun.  It's the first Rough Riders game I've ever gone too.  We sat in the All You Can Eat section, and Adam got to come hang out too!  So we were all very excited.

The Sunday before Labor Day, we went out to Dangerfield State Park to have dinner with the Robertsons.  Brayden loves playing in Oma and Joepa's camper.

On Labor Day, we headed to New Boston to hang out with my family.

Bray was having a hard time falling asleep Labor Day evening.  Daddy ended up going in and laying down with him.  How sweet is that?!

Bray was being cute grocery shopping one day.  He kept saying "Cheese!" because I had my phone out.  It was adorable.

We had an impromptu camping trip this weekend.  Read about that here!

Camping Trip to Walleye...Oh My!

Last week, Nick and I were talking as we got ready for the day.  Nick said, "Did you see the Mays were camping at Walleye?"  I said, "Yes I did!  Are we going to go visit while they're there?"  He said, "How crazy of an idea is this, what if we took the camper out and spent the weekend out there?"  I decided that that sounded like a marvelous idea!  I took Brayden to school, and then I returned home to hurriedly pack up all that we'd need and put clothes on to wash.  Nick and I took the camper out after lunch and got it set up and we returned for dinner.

We spent Friday through Sunday out there.  We did go into town Friday night for the football game and Sunday morning for church, but we had a blast while we were out there.  We were able to have a lot of fun with Greg, Meagan, and Kaylee.  We cooked breakfast for all of us Saturday morning, and Gregg cooked dinner for all of us on Saturday evening.
Umm...who gave him permission to grow up?

Sweet friends!
This sweet boy didn't sleep well Friday night.  I had to drive around Saturday to get him to fall asleep for a nap.  I took him into the camper and laid down with him because I didn't want him to wake up when I laid him down.  We slept for two hours and fifteen minutes!
Bath time with a wonderful view of the lake!
Patiently waiting for lunch to be served on Sunday after church.  Hallelujah for crock pot meals that he didn't have too long to wait.
Nick, Bray, and I enjoyed a swim Sunday afternoon in the cove.  Brayden loved wearing his life jacket and "swimming" back and forth between Nick and I.

And, I can't get these to be in the correct order...
Little man "climbing" the tree next to the camper.
I texted this to my sister and said, "This is not camping."  Oh well, it's fun!
I told Nick we needed to do impromptu camping trips more often!

End of August...oh my!

I ended the last post with Bray's first day of school picture for the 2015-16 school year.  I just have to share this one.  A "Then and Now" of last year and this year.  That first picture still makes me giggle.

Videos don't do that well on here, so I have to try and tell you what Daddy taught Brayden.  We always love a little "Bohemian Rhapsody" around our house.  I heard Nick talking with Bray in his room one evening.  They come out, and Nick says, "Let's do it for Mommy."  They then proceed to sing, "Momma, oooo!"  Brayden pooched his lips out for the "ooo" part.  It was ADORABLE!

It rained one evening, and Bray and I enjoyed some cuddle time on the couch watching Matilda.  With the rain came a tiny bit cooler temps.  I love it when I can leave the back door open and Brayden can play in the backyard while I make dinner.  I can't wait for fall!

We celebrated one year in our home!  I can't believe it has already been that long.  I have loved living in the country!

On August 23rd, we had "Bless the Back Pack" at church.  All of the preschoolers through sixth graders brought their back packs to church.  We then prayed over the kiddos as they headed off to a new school year.  Love these kids!

That evening, our friend, Andrew, took me up in a T-28 one Sunday evening.  It was a blast!  I got to fly over Bob Sandlin, and we even did a barrel roll.  Andrew asked me, "How well do you hold down your food?"  I told him I love roller coasters.  He then proceeded to explain to me what we were about to do.  It was a lot of fun!

Nick, Brayden, and I went to eat dinner at MP Burgers & Fries one evening.  This kid loves their beans!

We started a new program for Wednesday nights at church called, Zip for Kids.  It is a blast and the kiddos are loving it!

We went to the first football game of the season on August 28th and watched the Pirates win!  Bray is enjoying football much more this year than last year.  He even likes to chant, "Go, go, go, go, go, go!" over and over during the week. :)

The night of the first football game, we switched Brayden's crib to a toddler bed!  I was so sad seeing him in that bed.  I wasn't concerned for his safety, but seeing him not in a crib did me in.  Where has our baby gone?!