Monday, October 10, 2011

New Furniture, Painting, and Garages...Oh MY!

This past week and weekend has been CRAZY busy!

To start off, I'm in an awesome Bible Study that is normally every other Tuesday night, but this past week, we had to meet on Monday night.  So many women that attend are teachers, and they all had to stay late on Tuesday.  Anyways, that to say Monday was Bible Study.

On Tuesday, I worked on a craft project I'd been wanting to try.  I got the idea on Pinterest.  I now have a really cute wreath hanging in my kitchen that is "customizeable."  The little felt flowers that I've attached are put on with velcro.  I've made it to where I can make other little "doo dads" to change it out as the season changes.  I'm super excited about this little creation.
Full wreath finished. :)

The flowers I made to attach.
We had church on Wednesday.  We had "First Wednesday" this week and talked about our Sunday school classes.  I'm now in charge of the decorating committee of our classroom.  We need to spruce it up and work on seating.  Our class if quickly growing of which we are all very thankful.  However, we're running out of room for people to sit.  But that's a good problem, and we'll figure it out.

Thursday, Nick and I went to pick up some freebie furniture.  My mother--in-law, Melanie, works with someone who was getting rid of a day bed, trundle bed, dresser, and night stand.  She asked me if we would be interested in them.  I decided to run by on my lunch break to check them out.  I loved them and was super excited to take them...especially since they were free. :)  We haven't put the daybed up yet, but it'll be in our green room, and we're moving our full bed to the purple room.
This is the dresser and nightstand we got.  :) 
Satchel wouldn't get out of the way.  We'll put the TV on the nightstand, but I can't lift it on my own.  I'll have to wait till Nick gets home from work.
On Friday, Nick and I decided to have a stay at home and watch a movie night.  We cooked dinner then watched Something Borrowed that stars Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin.  Amazing movie.  I loved it, and Nick said it wasn't half bad either. :)

On Saturday, Nick and I worked on cleaning out the garage all morning.  We then left the house to pick up the dollie, and came back to the house with a new sofa.  :)  That wasn't planned, but we decided to run into Patterson's since they are having their going out of business sale.  We ended up finding a sofa that has two recliners built into it.  Nick haggled, and we decided to buy it.  We all (including the dogs) love the new sofa.  That evening, we went to Longview to have a family dinner with Alan & Tovah, Owen, Patsy & Bobby, and Melanie & Joe.  The food was yummy and the visiting was good.
New sofa!!!  Love it. :)
On Sunday, we worked MORE on the garage.  I'm amazed at our progress.  We'll be able to put a car in there by the weekend.  :)  We also got everything squared away for my trip to Wyoming on the 21st for my best friend's wedding.  I've got my ticket and hotel all booked and waiting for my sister and me.  We also have transportation to and from the airport.  Can't wait!!!  I also got a lamp for my bedside table.  We had one in Stephenville, but it got broke during the move.  However, it was one my mother-in-law made me.  So we just had to get a new bottle.  It's just taken a while to remember to do it all.  So, I got a new bottle and used the marbles, light kit, and shade from the old one. :)

Today, I have the day off due to Columbus Day.  I sure do enjoy having a banker's schedule.  I got up at 7:30, right after Nick left for work.  I fed the puppies, then started my day.  I've finished a wedding present, finished painting two doors, filled my new dresser with my clothes, fed Nick and myself lunch, put away a bunch of things we've taken out of the garage, taken a nap, watched Tangled, and I'm going to start dinner in a bit.  Nick said, "You call that a day off?"  I replied, "I took a nap and watched a movie."  But, I LOVE getting things marked off my to do list.  However, I've also spent time on Pinterest which means I've also added to my to do list as well.  :)
All of our exterior doors were this color when we moved in.  Now, there's only one left.  They are now...

This color!  Hearthrob by Sherwin Williams. :)

By the way, I have a FREE dresser to anyone who is willing to come pick it up.  I bought if for $5 at a garage sale in Stephenville.  It's not the nicest, but it will hold clothes.  Now that we had those two given to us, we no longer need it.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bath Time, Weddings, and Canton...Oh My!

I finally uploaded pictures from a while back of my nephew's bath time.  He's just too cute. :)
Chillaxin' in my hot tub. :)

I love this picture!  Deer in the headlights.
I made a cute picture "thing" (for lack of a better term) for our friends, Travis and Kristen who just got married.  Don't worry, I've already given it to them, so this isn't spoiling a surprise for them.
The top picture is dating, the second picture is engagement, the last picture is wedding. :)
We went to a beautiful wedding last weekend!  Clayton and Kristy are now married and should be back from their honeymoon.  Nick was a groomsman.  He and Clayton have been friends forever.  I didn't get but one picture from the wedding, but you can look at Tara Swain's blog to see lots from it.  Here's the one pic that we took.  Thanks Mitch for being such a great photographer. :)

Last Sunday, Nick and I went to Longview to visit with our sister-in-law and nephew.  Had to get a few pics with Owen.

Owen wouldn't smile, so Nick contorted his face to match. Haha.
This weekend, Jess and I went to Canton.  This was her first trip to First Monday.  I think it was a hit.  She found tons of items for the wedding.  I found things for the kitchen and a few Christmas presents.  I bought new hardware for our kitchen cabinets.  LOVE Jim's Discount Hardware booth.  What would have cost at least $175 at Home Depot or Lowes, cost about 1/3 of that. :)  I also bought a table that I'm turning into a kitchen island with the help of my hubbie.  I'll post before and after pics once I've finished it.

Jess and I waiting in line for our food-on-a-stick. :)

Before kitchen hardware.
After.  LOVE them. :)

The table I bought.  I'm super excited about this one.
Jess and I also joined Nick, Mitch, Casey, Kenly and Keaton in Winsboro for dinner at a yummy steakhouse.  But, I didn't get any pictures there.  We had such a good weekend.  Wishing it wasn't so short though.  However, I'm excited that I get a long weekend next week.  We'll see what happens over the course of this week.  :)