Monday, May 20, 2013

Winery, Birthday, and Shower...Oh my!!

We started the weekend out by going to the winery with my parents and Sister.  As I said in the last post, they were supposed to come down last weekend, but Sister got sick.  So we rescheduled to this past weekend instead.  We took a few pictures.  This was also my parents' 33rd wedding anniversary.  I pray Nick & I are able to set as good an example of how a marriage is supposed to be for our children as they have for me.  I love y'all!

Saturday, we headed to Longview to celebrate Owen turning 2!  His actual birthday was on Sunday, but his party was Saturday.  He was not too sure about everyone when we first all got there.  He had just woken up from a nap and couldn't figure out why there were so many people in his house.  I had to bribe him to come see me with stickers from the Sesame Street book we got him as one of his presents.  :)  He was sticking close to Oma for a while.  He seemed to have a lot of fun.  I'm glad we were able to be there to celebrate with him.  Tovah asked me to take pictures of the event.  Here are a few of them.

The cutest little girl, Izzy.
Opening his present from us...the riding giraffe, some Elmo pjs, and a Sesame Street book.
Blowing his candle out.
Silly boy didn't want to touch the frosting, so Oma gave him a fork. 
Heading out to see the big present the grandparents and parents got him... What could it be?
A jungle gym/slide!
Uncle Nick trying to get him to come down the slide.
How many adults does it take to get one, 2-year old to come down the slide??
No one will ever know because he wanted to climb the slide!
He was having too much fun.
We went out to eat with Nick's parents, Alan, Tovah, & Owen after the party.  We all went home after that.  Happy birthday little man!

Sunday, Nick & I went to church, then had lunch with two amazing friends, Travis & Kristen.   We just love spending time with them.  After church, I went to Kelly Lindley's bridal shower.  Kelly grew up with Nick, and she was one of the sweetest people when Nick & I started dating.  She was always sure to make me feel included whenever we would all hang out together.  In fact, the weekend after Nick popped the question, we called Kelly to tell her about it before it hit facebook.  I don't remember exactly how we told her, but her response was, "I'm heading to Stephenville!"  She went to TCU in Ft. Worth, so she wasn't too far away.  She came and hung-out with us all night.  She and her man are getting married in June of this year.  Her bridal shower was Sunday, so I went to see her and visit a bit.  It was a beautiful shower, but I didn't get any pictures.  Drat!

This week is going to busy, full of Pilot activities, teaching financial literacy to a group of 2nd graders, and trying to catch up on sleep (even though I've slept plenty, I'm still exhausted).

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day...Oh My!

My parents and Sister were supposed to come down last Friday night to go out to the winery to celebrate Mother's day, but Sister got sick.  So we rescheduled to tonight instead.  We're waiting on them to get here, then we'll head out there.  Mom & Dad have never been before.  Hope they like it!

I went down to New Boston to celebrate Mother's day on Sunday.  I left early enough to attend church with them.  We went back to the house once church was over, and Sister & I mainly Sister made chicken alfredo for lunch.  Yum!  We were able to eat on the back porch because of how pleasant it was.  We ended up spending the entire afternoon outside.  

Once lunch was cleared away, Mom opened her presents.  Sister, Nick & I went in together to get her a gardening apron, gloves, and a kneeler pad to protect her knees all for her gardening exploits.  She was super excited and seemed to really like them.  Dad got her a collection of Shirley Temple movies she's been hinting she's wanted for a few years now. :)  I think we all did pretty good on the gift giving this year.  Sister is super sweet and got me a "Mom-to-Be" gift.  She makes handmade jewelry that she sells through her business, Hoot & Annie's.  She made me a "peapod" necklace with two birthstone pearls.  The regular pearl is for the baby we lost, and the pink pearl is for the baby that is due in October.  If the baby is late and doesn't come until November, she said she'll change that pearl. :)  I love it and have already worn it many times.  I've gotten lots of compliments on it too.  Thanks Sister!  You're the best!

Satchel is starting to tolerate Ranger better.  Satch still gets annoyed when Ranger won't leave him alone, but he did better on this trip.  Ranger does get jealous though when Dad is playing with Satchel. Uh-oh.  :) It's really funny though.  Ranger mimics EVERYTHING Satchel does.  It's as if he is Satch's shadow.  It's getting really hard to tell them apart.  Ranger is growing up!

Dad playing in the yard with Ranger.
It's hard to get a good pic with these puppies.

If it's not one, it's the other.

Momma & her girls.

When I wore my necklace to work one day this week.

Nick stayed in Pittsburg to celebrate Mother's day with his parents.  He took his Mom fishing, and I know they had a really good time.  After my day in NB, I headed back to meet up with the Robertson family for dinner at Chili's.  We all went in together to get Melanie a red Kitchen Aid mixer.  She loved using mine at Christmas, so I knew she'd love it.  We didn't get a chance to wrap it, but she did get a big box to open. :)

I think she was surprised!
Mother's day was great this year!  Things are going to be so different next year with a little one here, but I can't wait!

Friday, May 10, 2013

needtobreathe, Canton, and Satchel...Oh My!

Haven't blogged in a while.  I've been keeping up with my "Second Trimester" blog, but that won't post until July.  So, I figured I'd update everyone on what has been going on in our lives the past few weeks.

Sister & I met up with some friends on Saturday, April 27th, for my fourth time to see needtobreathe.  It was A LOT of fun.  It was at the Palladium in Dallas this time around.  I prefer House of Blues, but you go where the band goes, I guess. :)  Tori & Hannah flew in from Oklahoma and Arizona for this concert.  You read that right.  Needtobreathe is one of their favorite bands too.  Sister picked them up from the airport while I napped at the hotel.  We ate El Fenix for dinner, then headed to the Palladium.  Thank goodness Sister had priority access, meaning two of us got to go in before everyone else.  It was a standing room only concert, and the line was literally WRAPPED around the building when we got there.  Sister & I were able to go in with about 45 other people before the masses came.  Hannah & Tori had to go to the end of the line, but we held them places.  Sister held down two spots at the very front of the room (for H & T) while I held two spots towards the back.  We were still able to see the stage perfectly, were raised about a foot and half from the crowd, AND I had a spot to lean/sit down when needed.  Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors opened for them.  We saw Drew Holcomb (minus the Neighbors) at the concert in Longview, but the whole band was able to join this time.  They did a good job.  Needtobreathe was, of course, fantastic!  I love them more and more each concert I go too.  We headed back to the hotel once the concert was over.  We all crashed.  Tori & Hannah had to be up early the next day to take the shuttle back to the airport.  I slept in then Sister & I headed to meet up with some friends of our's from high school, April & Lance (and their little one Addison), for lunch.  I got to cuddle with Addison, and we ate at BJ's Brewhouse, super yummy!  On the ride home, we stopped for shaved ice for the second time on the trip at Bahama Bucks in Rockwall.  We had a great, albeit exhausting, weekend.

After we got home on Sunday, I lounged on the back porch with Nick while the puppies were running around.  Satchel was happy I was home.

The next weekend, Sister, Mom, & Sarah came to spend the night and go to Canton.  Nick & I met up with them and my Dad at Pete's for dinner.  After dinner, Dad headed toward Dallas, and the rest of us went toward home.  We got up early the next morning and headed to shop till we drop.  I got some good Tarleton items for the kitchen, and some fun ideas for future nursery.  Everyone else stocked up as well.  We wandered through the "junk" section during the morning, and Sarah kept getting odd items (bowling pins, anyone?).  We'd ask her, "What are you going to do with that?"  She'd reply, "I don't know, but it looks cool." :)  We had a picnic lunch followed by more shopping.  We headed back to Pittsburg.  Mom, Sister, & Sarah picked up Ranger, rearranged the car so Mom could fit in with them, left a few things in our garage that wouldn't fit, and headed back to New Boston.  Nick & I got ready to head out to the winery for Casey's birthday celebration.  We got to sit in the back room which we've never done before.  We all greatly enjoyed it and hope we can do it again soon.  
Told Nick I was going to get the waders on the right to go hunting with him.  He figured they wouldn't work very well at blending in with our surroundings.
New store I love at Canton...Iron Willow.  Sister is a rebel and snapped this picture even though she wasn't supposed too.  No worries, we don't intend to reproduce, I just wanted to show it to Nick for a nursery if this is a boy. :)
We were supposed to go to the winery with my family to celebrate Mother's Day tonight, but Sister is getting sickly.  We figured it'd be best for her to rest and recoup at home.  I'll still get to see them Sunday though.  Now on to a fun weekend full of family.