Monday, October 1, 2012

Football, Pups, and Parties... OH MY!

So, to start, I have a fun job and was able to design a pair of boots for the "Awareness is the First Step" event that Mount Pleasant had today.  I decorated the boots on Friday.  I should have taken before and after photos, but I didn't.  They were originally red.  I bought them at a thrift store in Mt. Pleasant, and I bought all the craft supplies at Wal-Mart.  It was a super fun project, but we didn't win.  No biggie though, it was still fun. :)

Our theme was "Kick Down Cancer!  Schedule your mammogram today!"

Friday night, we attended the football game.  We lost, but we had fun all the same.  Nick & I ate with the Mayben's before the game at Cactus (best fajitas in town).  A lady that sits behind us in the stands each week gave Keyton a glowing bouncy ball (not the best idea for a very active two-year-old boy in metal stands), but he had a blast playing with it, and we only had to go on one rescue mission beneath the bleachers. :)
Hard to get a photo of this little one. :)
Make it glow Keyton! 
Saturday, Nick & I headed to Longview to give Melanie her Mother's Day present (finally).  After many orders, cancelled orders, and reorders, we finally got Melanie's Kendall Wright jersey in.  We all decided to get together for lunch to give Melanie her gift.  She was excited and didn't know what the heck was going on. :)  She thought we were all just getting together to admire the newest addition to the Robertson clan, a very cute, chocolate, brindle Dachsund named Cubby.  I was voting for the name Bear, but Melanie felt he was too tiny to be a bear, so she decided on a bear cub, hence Cubby.  He's super sweet and cuddly, and all of 4 pounds.  Let's hope he can hold his weight in our family. :)
Melanie opening her gift.
Yay!  Go Kendall!
Let's go Titans!
Nick snuggling with Cubby.  Satchel went NUTS sniffing Nick's shirt when we got home.
Owen checking out Cubby's kennel.
Saturday evening, Nick & I headed out with Mitchell & Casey to the winery for dinner then to the celebrate Lindsey's birthday.  We had a blast, as always!  It was raining and we sat on the covered porch.  It was so nice (and even slightly chilly).
Mitchell & Casey (sorry for the darkness).
Husband and I at the winery.
The birthday girl!  She was holding a very sleepy Trey. :)
Sunday, I took a GLORIOUS nap (haven't done that in a while) while Nick worked.  Then, I made chili and cornbread, and we watched the return of Once Upon a Time.  YAY!!  I've missed that show.  Nick also hung my chandelier on the back porch which I was so excited about.  Background on this chandelier...  I had received an ABC Distributing catalog back two months ago.  I saw this wine bottle chandelier and thought it would be cool on our back porch since we have wine bottle tiki torches.  So, I ordered the chandelier.  Well, it needs 16 wine bottles to fill it up.  Now, neither of us are big wine drinkers, but we do like to go out to the winery with friends.  We were out there a few weeks ago, and I asked our waitress for any empty wine bottles they might have in the back.  I didn't know if she'd actually give them to me, but she (and our table and the surrounding tables) provided me with 16 all in one night.  I was excited and we finally got it hung last night.  It looks great and will provide ample lighting on our back porch at dark now. :)
We ate on the back porch tonight. :)
Close up.
I couldn't remember if I've posted pics of the wine bottle tiki torches...
Another tiki.

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