Monday, September 24, 2012

Hatchers, Montanas, and Baby Shower...Oh My!

This weekend was a whirl-wind for sure!

Nick & I left Pittsburg as soon as we were both able to get home from work and packed up.  We were headed to Weatherford.  We stopped in Sulphur Springs to grab a bite to eat, jumped back in the truck, and we finally got to the Hatcher's house around 11:00pm.  It was late, yet we still all stayed up a bit and visited.  Wyatt was already in bed, but he got loving and presents from us the next day.  :)

Saturday, we woke up, got ready, spent some time talking with Jimmy & April, played with Wyatt a bit, then hopped in the truck again and headed to Stephenville for the day.  Our dear friends, Ty & Casi Dunn, are expecting their first baby and the shower was that day.  We met up with the Dunns and the Smiths at Montanas.  I've soooo missed those fried pickles and those dear friends!  We visited for almost 2 hours then all headed in our separate directions.  Nick & I walked over to Barefoot Athletics to pick up some new Tarleton shirts.  Our's were getting worn out.  It was NUTS in there because it was Parent's weekend, and we did not know that!  But all was well, we both got some shirts, and Nick got a new cap.  We also ran into the Cullins at Barefoot.  Then Nick & I took a tour of Stephenville to see what's all changed.  We toured campus and saw the new dorms, the streets that are now blocked off, and the new welcome center.  Everything looks beautiful!  We need to go to a homecoming soon!  The party was at 2:00pm, so Nick took me out to the CLC, dropped me off, then Nick went to hang-out with Micah.  I sat with Lindsey and Miss Jeylee Kate (she is such a doll).  We had finger foods and watched Casi open all of her goodies.  After the party, Nick came to pick me up, then we headed back to Weatherford.  We stopped in real quick at Teskey's so I could try on some boots I saw on Pinterest.  They were AWESOME, but way over priced.  If Nick ever needs to get me a REALLY BIG "I'm Sorry" gift, he knows what to get. :)  We grabbed all of our stuff from the Hatcher's house, gave Wyatt his Christmas present (in case we don't see him before then), then got back on the road to head home.  We stopped in Benbrook to eat, then got home around 10:30pm.  Whew!  All in one day!

Miss Jeylee watching Casi open her gifts.
Lindsey and I at the shower.  I love and miss her!
The lovely Mom-to-Be!  She's so precious, and I love and miss her too!
Mr. Wyatt and his Christmas present.  He loved it and is so smart.   He figured out which button caused the "Gas Station" sign to spin around.  He pushed that button over and over and over again. :)
I love this picture... Road rage much?
The boots from Teskey's.  Don't you think I need them?!
Sunday, we had church, Nick worked, and I crafted/watched movies all day.  I had a Back to the Future marathon.  While watching the movies, I worked on a window I'm going to hang outside on our back porch.  I can't wait to finish it.  :)
I'm going to add "Tarleton State University" to it someway. :)
This week should be pretty easy going.  We, amazingly, don't have much lined up for this weekend other than a football game and dog-sitting for the inlaws.  I hope we can keep it that way.  We need some relaxation time (or time to clean up the garage and get ready for that garage sale!).

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