Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day...Oh My!

My parents and Sister were supposed to come down last Friday night to go out to the winery to celebrate Mother's day, but Sister got sick.  So we rescheduled to tonight instead.  We're waiting on them to get here, then we'll head out there.  Mom & Dad have never been before.  Hope they like it!

I went down to New Boston to celebrate Mother's day on Sunday.  I left early enough to attend church with them.  We went back to the house once church was over, and Sister & I mainly Sister made chicken alfredo for lunch.  Yum!  We were able to eat on the back porch because of how pleasant it was.  We ended up spending the entire afternoon outside.  

Once lunch was cleared away, Mom opened her presents.  Sister, Nick & I went in together to get her a gardening apron, gloves, and a kneeler pad to protect her knees all for her gardening exploits.  She was super excited and seemed to really like them.  Dad got her a collection of Shirley Temple movies she's been hinting she's wanted for a few years now. :)  I think we all did pretty good on the gift giving this year.  Sister is super sweet and got me a "Mom-to-Be" gift.  She makes handmade jewelry that she sells through her business, Hoot & Annie's.  She made me a "peapod" necklace with two birthstone pearls.  The regular pearl is for the baby we lost, and the pink pearl is for the baby that is due in October.  If the baby is late and doesn't come until November, she said she'll change that pearl. :)  I love it and have already worn it many times.  I've gotten lots of compliments on it too.  Thanks Sister!  You're the best!

Satchel is starting to tolerate Ranger better.  Satch still gets annoyed when Ranger won't leave him alone, but he did better on this trip.  Ranger does get jealous though when Dad is playing with Satchel. Uh-oh.  :) It's really funny though.  Ranger mimics EVERYTHING Satchel does.  It's as if he is Satch's shadow.  It's getting really hard to tell them apart.  Ranger is growing up!

Dad playing in the yard with Ranger.
It's hard to get a good pic with these puppies.

If it's not one, it's the other.

Momma & her girls.

When I wore my necklace to work one day this week.

Nick stayed in Pittsburg to celebrate Mother's day with his parents.  He took his Mom fishing, and I know they had a really good time.  After my day in NB, I headed back to meet up with the Robertson family for dinner at Chili's.  We all went in together to get Melanie a red Kitchen Aid mixer.  She loved using mine at Christmas, so I knew she'd love it.  We didn't get a chance to wrap it, but she did get a big box to open. :)

I think she was surprised!
Mother's day was great this year!  Things are going to be so different next year with a little one here, but I can't wait!

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