Monday, February 11, 2013

Family, Super Bowl, & Gaithers... Oh My!

Goodness!  Things have been going great and fast paced this February.

Friday after the Chamber banquet, Nick & I joined his aunt, uncle, Mom, Dad, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew for dinner in Longview at The Butcher Shop.  Yummy food and DELICIOUS red velvet cake. :)  Didn't take any pictures though.

Saturday, I rode around with Nick while he worked.  I took Satch with us, so he got to pretend to be a country dog for a day.  We were out at a friend's ranch, and Satch growled at the horses and cows (from inside the truck)...he's so tough.  We also went to Nick's cousin's chicken farm, and Satch got to see all the baby chicks.  No worries, I held him when I went into the house, but he was so funny.  Chicks run like crazy when the door opens and someone walks in.  They were headed in every direction and Satchel was trying to follow all of them. :)

Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday!  We had the Borums, Maybens, Finks, and Jernigans over to watch the big game and pig out on food.  The kids had a blast playing the Wii that the Borums brought with them.  David would yell "COMMERCIAL" every time they came on. We enjoyed the half time show, and I'm glad the Ravens won.  I also tried out a new recipe for a banana pudding poke cake.  Delicious and here's the recipe.  I split it into two pans so it would fit in my fridge easier. :)
Yummy banana pudding poke cake.

This week has been busy!  I had Bible study Tuesday night, church Wednesday night, and cleaning Thursday night.  One exciting thing that happened this week was we finally got decals put on Nick's business truck.  I love the way it turned out. :)

The Maybens came over for dinner Friday night.  We grilled and just had some fun visiting.

My parents and sister came over Saturday after lunch, and we attended a Gaither concert with Tovah, and then my family spent the night with us.  Tovah works at LeTourneau, and as soon as she heard the Gaithers were going to be at the Belcher center, she let me know.  So, we all bought tickets.  My family, Nick & I had dinner at Cheddars before heading to the concert.  We've seen them many times, but never just by themselves.  It's always been a Homecoming that we've gone too.  I really enjoyed getting to hear lots of the Gaithers.  I grew up on Southern Gospel, and it will always be one of my favorite styles of music.  The only thing I would have changed would have been having Mark Lowry there.  He broke his femur and is out doing therapy.  To add insult to injury, Marshall Hall had done the previous two concerts with them, but not this one!  I so wished they could have had Marshall or Guy there to make up for Mark not being there.  But you can't get everything.

My family went to church with us on Sunday morning, then we all came back to mine & Nick's house for lunch.  I've been getting really good at doing Crock Pot recipes on Sundays.  It's so nice because we come home and all I have to make is the sides.  Sister bought Ranger with her, so we had good entertainment in the form of two Maltese pups.  Satchel is still not too sure about him.  Bless him.  He was a worn out pup after the left though.
Look at that sweet face!!!
Sleeping off the weekend. :)

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