Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Star Wars, NEEDTOBREATHE, and Sister...Oh MY!

This past weekend was a lot of fun!

My sister came to spend the weekend with us.  Nick & I got NEEDTOBREATHE tickets for her birthday and the concert was Saturday.  So, she decided to make a weekend of it. :)

Friday night, my parents also came down and we had dinner and visited lots.  Nick smoked leg quarters and sausage, and I made the sides.  Nick's parents came over after we finished eating and brough along Cubby so my family could meet him. :)  He was super cute, and Satchel was jealous.  Ha!  Then the seven of us went to eat dessert at Diddy's in Mt. Pleasant.  My parents and Nick's parents headed to their homes and Sister went back to the house with us.  We stayed up late talking and visiting some more. :)
This was actually taken Thursday night, but you see the way Satch is acting.
Saturday, Sister and I had a Star Wars marathon.  I'm ashamed to say that up until this weekend, I've never seen Star Wars.  I know, I'm an awful person.  Whatever.  I tried once, but I made the mistake of starting with Episode I.  My sister said the new ones are awful, and the original ones are the only ones worth watching.  She said the new ones were only good for background information.  SO, with that being said, we watched Episodes IV and V on Saturday.  Then we got ready and headed to Longview.  We ate at Cheddar's then headed to the Belcher Center for an AWESOME NEEDTOBREATHE concert.  This is my third, Sister's fourth, and Nick's second NEEDTOBREATHE concert.  There were pluses and minuses for this one.  The other two concerts I've been too were at The House of Blues in Dallas.  The feel there is completely different.  However, Bear seemed to be more in his element at this one.  He spoke more freely about God and what He's done in their lives.  So, it was still a great concert, but just different from the other ones I've been too.  They did do "Girl Named Tennessee" which is probably my favorite song from The Outsiders album.  I was giddy with excitement when it started. :)
NEEDTOBREATHE!  Sister took more pictures, but hasn't posted any of them...
Sunday, we all went to church, then Sister, Nick & I had lunch with Joe & Melanie.  Then Sister and I watched Episode VI.  So completes my first experience with Star Wars.  It was good... not as good as LOTR, but still very good.  Nick had to work all day (office work).  Once Sister left, I put in LOTR: Return of the King and took a nap.  Then Nick & I ate dinner and made an early night of it.  Good weekend, and excited for this upcoming weekend.  Should be hanging out with lots of family and friends. :)

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