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Monday, October 8, 2012:

I can officially say, "I am pregnant!"  Nick & I will be welcoming little baby Robertson sometime in mid-June 2013.  I am so excited, and so is Nick.  I can't wait to tell our families and friends.  I know they'll all be very excited as well.  How I told Nick...

Yesterday, Sunday October 7th, I thought I was pregnant.  So, I took a pregnancy test.  It flashed positive, and I couldn't wait to tell Nick!  I went into the kitchen, and put some cinnamon rolls in the oven to start for breakfast.  Nick comes into the kitchen and exclaimed, "You made cinnamon rolls!"  I said, "Yes, we also have a bun in this oven!"  And pointed at my stomach...  Just kidding.  I had planned to do that, but I was impatient and ran into the bedroom to wake him up to tell him. :)

We've tossed around name ideas... Girl: Lillian Ruth, Darcy Anne, Boy: Brayden Dale, Parker Rex.  But we haven't settled on any that are for sure yes if it's a girl or boy.  Nick said he doesn't want to get hooked on one name for now.  We'll have one picked when we find out the gender though, I'm sure.

I'm not really having much of the pregnancy symptoms yet.  I am more tired than usual, but I'm trying to keep up and about, so I don't become a bump on a log.  Because of the fact that I'm not experiencing many symptoms, I wanted to have blood work done asap.  I knew that I could have my blood work done anywhere, so I called our family doctor, Blair MacBeath, and he got me into the lab today so I would know for sure.  He called me this afternoon and said, "It's positive!  Congratulations DeAnna!  Nick's the father, right?"  Such a jokester.  :)

I want to tell our parents, siblings, and our closest friends soon.  But I want to let everyone else know through our Christmas cards.  I don't know if Nick can wait that long though, and honestly, I don't know if I can either. :)  I've been busting at the seams to tell someone.  I did get to tell HR at work today, so someone there knows of my condition.  Our Sunday school teacher's wife, Friday, asked me before Sunday school if I was pregnant because I was glowing.  I just said, "I don't know.  We'll have to see."  I didn't want to say yes because we haven't even told our families yet.

I am planning on writing three pregnancy blogs, one for each trimester, plus this one and maybe one for my showers.  I'll post them at the end of each trimester, that way I'm not one of those annoying people who only talk about their pregnancy.  I want to document this, but not overwhelm any of my friends who want to keep up with me through the blog.  I plan on posting pics, writing things that are going on with me and my body (nothing graphic, I promise), and tell stories of how Nick is handling the pregnancy (he's super excited right now).

Funny story: I'm the one who knows where everything is in our house.  Nick asked me this evening after dinner, "What are we going to do if you get 'pregnant brain' and start forgetting where things are?  I'm going to be in so much trouble." :)

That's all for now, but I'll update the next time something relevant is up.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012:

Just a quick funny storry...

We were discussing what we wanted to do for dinner tonight before church, and Nick said, "Are you craving Taco Casa?  Do we need to head to Longivew?"  :)  He wants me to crave that because he's always craving it.  But, no, I'm not having any cravings yet.  We ate at Subway instead. Ha!

Friday, October 12, 2012:

Tonight, we told my parents, sister and Nick's parents about our coming little one.  Nick & I talked about it, and we decided our favorite way to tell them, was through what will be the nursery. 

Nick's grandmother gave Nick & I a glider and ottoman a few years ago.  It's been sitting at my in laws' house since then.  Awful, I know.  But between being in college and moving three times, we never remembered to get it.  Everytime we were at their house, we would say, "Oh, we need to take that home with us."  But we never did.  So, yesterday evening, Nick & I went to his parents' house to pick up the chair and ottoman.  We didn't want to tell them yet about the little one, but we needed to get everything set up to tell them all the next day.  So, we just told them that I had found a blog on Pinterest showing how to redo a glider, and I was wanting that to be my next craft project.  They bought it, and we went took the items home.  We set them in the middle of the floor of the purple bedroom (aka the nursery).  We also got a small side table and lamp to sit next to the chair.  We put a bottle and pacifier on the table, and I made a sign to put on the chair that said, "Coming Soon...  We're due in June!"

My parents arrived first.  They and my sister were coming for dinner, and my sister was spending the weekend with us.  As soon as they got there, we did all the greetings, and then I said, "Hey!  Y'all come see what we did to the glider Nick's Memaw gave us."  They walked into the room, and my Mom literally squealed with delight!  Dad & Mom were ecstatic, gave us hugs, and said they were super excited.

My sister showed up about 30 minutes later.  I told her the same about the glider.  She walked in and said, "Seriously?!  No way!  Congratulations!"  She's excited to get to spoil her future niece/nephew rotten.

Nick's parents came over after dinner.  We were all heading to go eat ice cream at Diddy's.  They came in, and we were all visiting.  I waited until Nick was in the living room again to deliver the glider comment a third time.  When Melanie & Joe first saw it, you could tell they were a little confused.  After all, we had just picked the glider up the day before.  It looked exactly the same except for the sign.  We watched them read the sign, and simultaneously, their jaws dropped.  Melanie exclaimed, "Seriously?!"  They're very excited too.  Extra note: Melanie told us today (Sunday, October 14) that every time she woke up through the night, she was thinking about our little one. :)  Back to the story.

Everyone was very excited, and we talked about the baby non-stop pretty much.  My Mom was giddy with excitement.  Melanie was excited too, but she doesn't really get giddy. :)  After dessert at Diddy's, both sets of parents headed in their opposite directions.  My Sister went back home with us.  We (Sister and I) stayed up late to talk about names, nursery ideas, and fabric for baby bedding.  This baby is already so loved!

Thursday, October 18, 2012:
Today was my first doctor's appointment... and by doctor's appointment, I mean lots of questions from the nurse and never actually seeing the doctor.  The doctor visit will be next time.

It wasn't too exciting, lots of questions about my background, familial background, and giving me a goody bag full of fun stuff (books, calcium chews, diaper samples, etc.).  Nick didn't go with me to this appointment, but I was told to bring him to the next one.  I think I'll be getting an ultrasound that day.  Yay!  I'll be right at 9 weeks for my next appointment.  I'm so excited!

Friday, October 19 - Sunday October 21, 2012:
This weekend, we told lots of friends and families AND made it "facebook official". :)  So much for telling everyone through Christmas cards.

We went out to eat with Nick's brother, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, and parents.  Nick was running about an hour behind (he was working in Texarkana), so he told me to NOT make ANY announcements until he was there.  I kept my word.  As soon as he got there, the waitress brought him some food, and he asked me, "Did you get enough to eat?"  I said, "Yep, sure did."  Then he said, "Did you eat enough for two?"  I said, "I think so!"  And...dead silence.  NO ONE caught it.  :)  Nick & I just looked at each other... what now?!  Melanie was having a fit and trying not to laugh because no one understood the meaning of it.  Aunt Patsy started asking me questions about the family reunion t-shirt I'm designing.  I was answering questions and mentioned about making a family tree with all the cousins, and Nick said, "Speaking of cousins, Owen is going to have one."  THAT got everyone's attention!  There was much congratualtions and hugs going around.  And I think Owen is excited for a cousin.  Tovah sent me this picture later that evening. :)

Nick & I called lots of friends and family members to tell them.  We got lots of squeals and excitement.  My favorite was probably from one of my longest running best friends, Hannah Ruth.  She's up in Wyoming, so we don't get to see her too often, but we try to stay in touch.  I called her twice, and she wasn't answering.  She finally sent me a text, and this is the conversation that ensued...

The phone immediately started ringing.  The conversation started with, "Tell me everything."  Han is so excited and can't wait to meet the little one.  We'll definitely have to take a family vacation to see them once the little one arrives! :)

We also met with the Maybens, Finks, Borums, and Jernigans for dinner.  As soon as everyone was there, seated, and our drink orders placed with the waitress, I made the announcement.  Cheering, smiles, congrats, and hugs followed.  Casey said she almost cried. :)  They are all so excited.  Casey told Kenlie and Keyton on Sunday about the baby, Kenlie teared up and said, "Really?  Can I hold it?  Is she having it today?"  Casey had to explain the baby would have to grow in DeAnna's tummy the way Keyton had to grow in Mommy's tummy.  Keyton said, "Nana's having a baby?  Can I play with it?"  I love those kids.  Casey said she wishes she would have waited and told them when I could have seen their reactions. 

Speaking of kids' reactions.  Our old neighbors (who now live in Texarkana) found out through our facebook post this weekend.  Chesley told their daughter, Kate, and Kate's reply was, "Yea, I wish I were still there neighbors so I could babysit. Tell them I want to see them soon and I want to know what it is."  These kids have been the biggest blessings with their responses.  Out of the mouths of babes. :)

We told our Sunday school teachers at Sunday school.  We have a bulletin board in our class, and members have been bringing pictures of their family to put on the board.  Nick & I took the below photo with a camera and tripod Sunday morning.  I printed the photo out, and handed it to Friday when we walked in the door.  I said, "This is our family picture for the board."  There was a pause, then a SQUEAL!  PJ ran over to see what the hoopla was about.  He looked at the photo, then ran downstairs to the sanctuary (where the first service was letting out) and proceeded to show everyone he could the photo.  Needless to say, the church found out very quickly.  When we got home from church, we put the same photo on facebook, and it went crazy!  I felt so loved by the reaction we got from everyone.  I know people are excited, and we are too!

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