Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Brayden is TWO!!! OH MY!

Our sweet baby turned two on Saturday, October 17th.  We celebrated with lots of family and friends with a Mickey Mouse themed party.  We had all types of Mickey themed foods, a Mickey show on TV, and lots of laughter.  I love filling our house with the people we love.  It creates such wonderful memories.

I baked the cake.  I had to do one ear twice, and it still didn't set up.  I have no clue why.
My amazing Sister did the "Oh Twoodles" banner and Brayden's shirt.

We got him a balance bike for his birthday.  He needs about two more inches to be able to do it.  One growth spurt away from fitting. :)

Trying to get a group pictures...

That's as good as it's gonna get!

Playing with friends!

Our friends left, and Bray went down for a nap.  When he woke up, Mom & Dad had set out the drum set.  This was given to them by their music minister's family.  It's stayed at their house for a few months, but I requested it be brought to our house.  He loves to drum, and I thought this might help keep him occupied while I made dinner and such.  He loves it!  Also, Bibi rode his bicycle with him. :)

The night did not end on a high note.  We decided to go to Chili's with my parents, sister, and Nick's parents.  We stopped at the airport to see a big helicopter that was there for fire fighting.  Then we headed to the restaurant.  While waiting for a table, Brayden threw up.  We ran to the car and got him changed.  We thought it was just too much sugar and not enough real food.  He acted perfectly normal after this.  We decided to chance staying.  We should have left while we were ahead.  Cue another sick while sitting at the table.  We asked for the food to be boxed up, and we went home.  He got sick again in the car.  He got a bath once we got home.  He ate some food, but not too much, then he was off to bed.  Thankfully, he woke up the next morning in good spirits and no more throw up.

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