Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fishing, July 4th, and Swimming...Oh MY!

We're working on discipling Brayden when the occasion calls for it.  Counting to three before spanking doesn't work.  Thanks to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, when I say, "One... Two..." Brayden jumps up and yells "THREE!"  Thanks for teaching him to count Mickey, but it doesn't help in the "Stop doing that" department.

I'm sure this has happened to every mom out there at least once (or something very similar).  My almost two year old was dressed and ready to leave the house, and he was playing outside while I finished getting the last few things together to run errands.  All of a sudden, I heard a splatter inside the house.  That sweet, little boy got a sandbox toy castle, filled it with water from his kiddie pool, and dumped it all over himself and the kitchen floor.  Then to add an injury, I mopped and was getting him new clothes.  I walk in to see him running straight towards where I just mopped.  Cue slip, fall, and tears.  Life with a small child is never dull.

We went fishing with Nick's family one night.  Daddy caught a fish and Brayden got to help reel it in. Too cute. :)

We've been watching lots of Home Improvement lately.  Bray got Nick seasons 5-7 for Father's Day.  Man, some of those are real tear jerkers!  But the best part is watching Brayden dance to theme song. And then listen to him impersonate Tim's grunts.  Love it!

We went to New Boston to celebrate July 4th this year at lunch.  It rained! Crazy.  It was nice and cool though.  We ate a good lunch and visited with family then headed pack to Pittsburg to have dinner with the church choir and watch the fireworks.

My Pepaw made this little chair, and Brayden thinks it's his.

Quick nap on the way back to Pittsburg.
Love this "Then and Now" picture from last year's July 4th to this year's July 4th.  Will have to recreate it every year!
Brayden watching the parachute jumpers.

Greer wasn't in to smiling for pictures. :)

This is how Brayden watched the fireworks this year.  He was fine with them as long as he was snuggled up to Momma.
Brayden has been all about chocolate milk in the mornings.  It's pretty adorable.  Even if he does call it "juice".

Back in May when we went to Mississippi for my cousin's graduation party, I asked another cousin about cutting a mason jar out of wood for me.  She likes to make door hangers.  I wanted a mason jar, but I wanted to paint it.  I finally got around to painting it.  I LOVE IT!  Perfect for a summer door hanger.

Who knew that the first swim of the season (for us) would be in July?!  Between rain, business picking up, and Sassy buying a new house, we've all been too busy to swim, but we finally got to go July 11th.  At first, Brayden was not excited, but after about 30 minutes of baby whispering from my Sister, he loved it!

After the fun first half of the month, we left for vacation on the 17th.  That'll be a post all it's own!

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