Thursday, July 9, 2015

April, May, June...OH MY!

Well, four months have passed since my last post.  It rained a lot then it's be sunny a lot.  This equals a very busy time in the landscaping industry.  Not complaining. :)

Since, I need to update with more than three months of information in one post, it's mainly going to be pictures with a caption here or there.  Enjoy.

Brayden was a toot at Brookshire's. Full on melt down when I decided it was time to leave the store. Needless to say, he hasn't been allowed to drive one of those little carts since then. 
Got to meet little Miss Berkley Rae!

We had a bog Easter egg hunt at church. Nick and Kassidy were awesome and helped me set everything up. 

Daddy took Brayden on the mower for the first time.  He LOVED it...

And it's apparently great to put him to sleep too.

We had an Easter egg hunt at the church.  This was my first big event as Children's Director.  It went off great!  Our church members donated over 2,000 eggs, and we had over 400 kids there.  Awesome event!

Sassy made Brayden's shirt.  I love it!

Wasn't a fan of Don Don the Easter bunny this year.

Cute photo op at the hunt.

Dyeing eggs was way more fun this year than last year.

Easter morning.  I can't handle the cuteness!

Family picture time.

Sassy & Brayden.  He hardly ever smiles in pictures with her but makes funny faces.  Glad we got a cute one.

Opening Easter presents.  Some books, peeps, etc.

Had to hunt inside.  It was raining.

My first strawberry!  They've done really well and taste delicious!

Morning bed head.

Shopping for the garden.

NEEDTOBREATHE concert in Dallas!  It was a blast and we had seats. :)


The church took us to Alpharetta, GA for a conference called Drive at Northpoint Church (Andy Stanley's church).  It was amazing!  Kelley went with me as my Children's helper.  We learned lots and have started implementing it already at our church.

The girls of the trip.  We were exhausted.

Ice cream break one night.

I love sweet Jessica!

The only picture I got of the both of us.

Mother's Day celebration with the Robertsons.

Mother's Day celebration with the Brays.

My sweet presents from my boys.  Nick gave Brayden the box with my bracelets in it.  Brayden walked into the kitchen and handed it to me.  That box could have been empty, and I would have been happy.  It was the cutest thing ever getting it from him.

Brayden and Daddy both got hair cuts.

Happy fourth birthday little Owen!!!

End of year program for Kids Academy.  Brayden was a monkey.

Callen and Brayden playing one evening.

Date night with the hubs.  We went to see Pitch Perfect 2. Not as good as the first one, but I still loved it.

We went to Mississippi for my cousin's graduation party.  We stopped in Little Rock at Bass Pro for Brayden to run off some energy.  Got this perfect picture of our awesome little family.

We went to the new Bass Pro in Memphis the next day.  The boys were in heaven.

Happy graduation to sweet Peyton!  I can't believe what a beautiful young women you've grown to be.  I love you so very much!

Made these yummies one night.  S'more rice crispy pinwheels.  Recipe from Mom on Timeout.

Brayden got his Daddy's old walking stick from Oma.  He loves it!

Then and now.  Bedtime is still one of my favorite times of day.

SIXTH ANNIVERSARY!  Love you more now that I did when we said "I do."  We tried out a restaurant in Winnsboro called Liefie.  Then we watched the sunset over the lake.  Wonderful time with my handsome hubs.

First and Last Day of Kids Academy.

Brayden's wonderful teachers at Kids Academy this year.  Mrs. Dayka (right) started the year with him, and Mrs. Lyndsi ended the year with him.  Love them both!

His "Say 'cheese'!" face.

We had some wonderful friends come spend the night with us back in June.  The Smiths were some of our very best friends in college.  They brought their two little ones, and we all enjoyed some time to catch up.  Rush and Bray had a great time playing together.  And Jeylee enjoyed being momma to both of them.  Micah owns his own Battle Bubble business.  They came to host an event for our youth.  Fun fact: Rushing is Lindsay's maiden name and Bray is my maiden name.

Love my Lindsay!

One thing I brought home from the Drive conference is Birthday Baptism Celebration.  Having a big birthday for all the kids getting baptized and doing it every three to four months.  I had the privilege of getting to baptize two of the three.  Love all these kiddos!

Swim time with momma in the new kiddie pool in the backyard.

Helping Sassy paint her new house.

This is what happens when it starts to pour during dinner one night at the campsite.  Joe & Melanie were camping and we were all visiting for hamburgers.  Nine people were in there for dinner.

My partner in crime for VBS this year.  Thanks for all you do for me Don Don!

Finally cashed out my gift card from hubby from Valentine's.  Got a mani/pedi and massage after VBS and before Kid's Camp.  Whew!

Father's Day festivities with the Brays.

Daddy sharing his Father's Day strawberry pie with the young'un.  Brayden gave Dad a "Binford Tools" t-shirt and seasons 5-7 of Home Improvement.  We're all loving watching them, and Brayden always dances to the theme song.

My crew leaving for PowerPlus Summer camp.  33 in all.  We had a blast!

Such fun kiddos!

Brayden was still napping when I picked him up from "Fun in the Son" one day.

Now, I'll work on blogging a little more regularly.  We'll see how that goes.  Already have some good stuff for July.  Until next time...

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