Monday, September 2, 2013

Football, Family, and Labor Day...Oh My!

What a good weekend!  Of course, I'm absolutely exhausted, but I got a lot accomplished! :)

Nick & I ran to Longview Friday after work and before the football game.  Nick had to return a piece of rental equipment, and I needed some clothes for our maternity pictures.  Nick helped me pick out my clothes, and we ate at Panda Express then rushed home for the first football game of the season.  Pittsburg beat Wills Point 55-14!  It was a great game.  Excited to see what Coach Meeks does with the football program this year.  And, of course, I had to take some photos of some of the cutest kids around.  I even caught Bailey with a smile!

Precious Bailey!
Keyton and his football.  He kept yelling, "Go Pirates, go!"
Saturday, I went to Annona to see my Memaw and visit with some of my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Nick stayed in town to look after all the dogs (we were dog sitting for Joe & Melanie), and he got to spend some time with his friends skeet shooting.  Mady & Charly came down from Mississippi with my Aunt Trisha and Uncle Tom.  My Aunt Gail, her two sons, Jaimie and Adam, and two of her grandkids, Ariel and Ryan, were also there.  My Uncle Larry came too along with with my parents and Sister.  Mady and Charly had these baby dolls that were slightly creepy.  They looked like real babies!  Anyways, Jaimie and Adam have always been master pickers.  They've picked on me my entire life.  I remember Jaimie arguing with me on whether my Michelle doll (from Full House) was Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen.  :)  They've moved onto the next generation.  Adam & Jaimie both ended up feeding the baby dolls. :)
Adam feeding the baby doll.
Mady wanted to take our picture.
Then, of course, Charly had to take one.
Ryan was showing Memaw his video game. 
Jaimie feeding both baby dolls. :)
Sunday after church, Nick & I took a Sunday drive to Gun Barrel City.  We were tracking down a Craig's List find.  We didn't come home with our search, but I'll update on that in another blog.  We did, however, have fun driving through an RV resort/ranch in Canton called Mill Creek Ranch Resort.  I saw a billboard for it on the way to Gun Barrel, and we decided to drive through it on the way back home.  Nick & I are thinking we'll have to go stay there sometime.  It seemed like such a neat little place right smack dab in the middle of Canton.  Plus, I could do a little shopping while there.  The entrance is right past Paul Michael, and I LOVE that store. :)  We also stopped in Lindale to eat at Cracker Barrel.  It was delicious and just what this pregnant girl needed!

Sunday evening, our good friends, Jess & Larry, came over to visit.  It was Larry's birthday, so we ate some delicious cake.  Nick & Larry talked about Jeep trails and Colorado while Jess & I discussed Brayden and paint colors for their new home.  I miss them oh so much, and I enjoy getting to visit with them when they're in town.

Nick & I both had today off.  We woke up to the glorious sound of rain, and lots of it!  I'm going to say "Thanks" to Nick.  He washed his truck yesterday for the first time all year.  Last night, he said, "Watch it rain like crazy now."  This morning, I told him, "Next time we need rain this badly, go spend $12 at Scrubbies and get us some rain!"  He detailed the inside today with just a tad bit of help from me.  I did his dashboard while he vacuumed and cleaned out.  It looks like a brand new truck!  We had breakfast with Joe & Melanie at the Hot Link Joint.  We ran by B&S and picked up some supplies, and we worked in the house most of the day.  I vacuumed the whole house, steam cleaned the hard floors, washed a lot of the rugs in the house, dusted the living room and master bedroom, cut Nick's hair, and threw in about a 30 minute nap.  Nick detailed his truck and worked on Brayden's nursery. :)  Alan, Tovah, & Owen had come and spent the day with Joe & Melanie so they dropped by for a few minutes.  Owen wanted to play with our toys.  Looks like we've got a good draw for kids now.  Thanks Casey! :)  All in all, a good weekend.  The dogs are exhausted, and so am I.  I think tonight is going to be an early night.   We were supposed to have maternity pictures this past Thursday, but there was some miscommunication.  We're having them tomorrow instead.  Need to get my beauty rest, I'm soooo excited! :)

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