Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Cards, Parties, & The Hobbit...Oh MY!

Whew!  December is flying by!  Where did the first half of the month go??

We've sent out Christmas cards...

Celebrated at the Bank's Christmas party.  We then went to the winery with some coworkers to have some good visiting time. :)
I must give Nick props because he picked out this dress for me.  Go Husband!
I absolutely love these ladies!
We celebrated our friend Joe's birthday on Wednesday the 12th at Olive Garden.  I didn't take any pictures... Whoops.

I accidentally spilled the beans on what I got Nick for Christmas on December 13th.  I got home from work, told Nick his gift was in my car and not to look, and asked if one of his workers could help me get it in the house the next morning.  Nick's not a peeper, so I knew he wouldn't look.  He knew it was large because I needed to help.  I wanted to show him something on my phone of what I bought for someone else, and when I pulled up Safari, there were grills pm the screen.  He can put two and two together.  So, I convinced him to put it together.  We'll grill on it this week sometime. :)  Merry Christmas early Husband!

We have had a Sunday school Christmas party... which was A LOT of fun!  We played a white elephant game, and I ended up with this very cute frame.  Love it!

I went to see "The Hobbit" with my Sister and Mom.  It was marvelous, and the nerd in me was SOOO excited!  I loved how they worked Frodo into the story.  And I LOVED that Bret McKenzie reprized his role as Lindir.  Sister & I got so excited when we saw him on the screen.  I see that splitting such a short book into three movies will result in the whole book being filmed, and I'm completely ok with that.  Most scenes were verbatim.  Peter Jackson is wonderful. :)

Had lunch with a group of friends at El Chico after church on Sunday.  This little one and I snuggled a bit and played with queso.  Love him. :)

I've finished my Christmas shopping... working on wrapping it all.

Christmas is going by too fast this year!

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