Monday, December 24, 2012

Birthday, Puppies, and Christmas Adam...Oh My!

Wednesday, December 19th was Nick's 25th birthday!  We celebrated by going to eat at Double C Steakhouse with Joe & Melanie.  Then we all came back to the house for Nick to open presents and eat a cake I made him. :)
Nick said that I've softened his family up.  Melanie got him a sappy card. :)
I got him a new shirt and two vests. 

The dogs were playing in the floor, not paying attention.
Nick got new boots from his parents.  Snazzy!
I was concerned the candles were going to fall over before Melanie could get the picture.

Friday night, Nick & I headed to Grapevine with my parents and Sister.  Sister got a new puppy named Ranger, and we made a family outing to go get him.  He's a Maltese, and she got him from the same breeders we got Satchel from, Thistle Ridge Ranch in Weatherford.  He's absolutely precious!
Mom accidentally threw away her iPhone at Sam's.  She went trashcan diving!
The new pup!
He's such a cuddler!
It was cold, and Nick's hood was nice and warm. :)
He's so precious!
On Christmas Adam (Adam came before Eve - thanks Cox family), Nick & I celebrated Christmas with my family.  Satchel was uber jealous of Ranger.  Let's hope he gets over that.  I got a new camera, so all of these were taken with it. :)
I think this is the first time we've taken a picture of them from our vantage point.  Oh, and the fridge is in the living room because they're getting new floor in the kitchen.
Sister. :)
This is the most awesome quilt my Sister made for Nick & I.  It has the Tarleton rider on it.  There's a better picture further down.  Ranger wanted to play on it.
Mom was super excited about her present from us!
A bean pot... Nick thought I was nuts when I told him I was getting Mom a bean pot.  But she really wanted it. 
"He's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!"
He didn't want me to take his picture.
Such happy faces!
Dad fishing for a puppy!
He's not just the cutest thing ever!
Satchel sulking.
Playing with the fish-eye setting on my new camera. :)
The zoom on this puppy is really good!  I was sitting in a recliner taking pictures of ornaments on the tree.
It's so clear!
This is how far I was from the tree.
My baby...
Sister's baby...
Better photo of the quilt!
Today is Christmas Eve.  I worked until 1:00.  My mother in law came over, and we worked on food for this evening.  My love is frying a turkey.  I'm also working on desserts for tomorrow.  I absolutely LOVE this time of year.  Melanie made two cheese rolls.  I think we have her convinced she needs a Kitchen Aide mixer now.  :) I made sausage balls, sausage and cream cheese pinwheels, skinny spinach dip, 2 caramel pies, and a French toast casserole for in the morning.  Whew!  Now to get ready for our Christmas Eve service. :)

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