Monday, October 22, 2012

Yamboree, Family, and Friends...Oh My!

Well, we had an exciting weekend.  That was mainly because of announcing the coming of our little one!  I detailed that more fully in this blog post. :)

Thursday night, I went with Casey and the kids to Gilmer.  We ate at La Finca then headed to the Yamboree so the kids could ride the rides.  They had so much fun!
The kids at La Finca. :)
Riding the motorcycles.
Riding the bus.
Riding the boats.
Riding the carousel.
Again, riding the carousel.

Saturday was one of my coworkers 40th birthday.  Her loving sister sent her these flowers on Friday.  I just had to take a picture. :)

Friday, Nick & I went out with his family (brother, sister-in-law, nephew, aunt, uncle, and parents) to tell them about coming Baby Robertson. :)

Saturday, Nick & I went out with a group of our good friends to tell them about coming Baby Robertson. :)

Sunday evening, we went to the Mayben's house for my first try of goose.  Honestly, it was good. :)  Keyton then got a hold of my phone and wanted to take pictures.  We were having a dance party to "Price Tag", and Kenlie was singing. 
Keyton's photography skills.
Take a picture with
Kenlie performing. :)
Bailey got into the garage sale box. Ha!

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