Thursday, March 1, 2012

The NEWER Painted Kitchen...Oh My!

So, I just realized I've never post pictures of the second repaint of our kitchen.  May/June of 2011, we painted our kitchen this awesome "Electric Lime" color.  You can see that here.  I really loved that color, and it was super happy.  However, I didn't feel like it really fit in our home.  So, I convinced Nick in November that we needed to paint it "Clary Sage."  It's still green, just a bit more tame.  :)  I think this color compliments our home so much better. :)  We've also added a china cabinet that Casey and Mitchell gave us.  I painted it this color called "Cordovan" from Sherwin Williams.  The original color was a green, and I didn't feel like we needed that much green in one room.  However, I did do a crackle with the Cordovan, so you can still the green showing through.  LOVE IT!  That's all we changed up, but it's made a HUGE difference.  Here's the new(ish) kitchen.

Going into the kitchen from the living room.
Looking to the left.

Looking towards the table from the china cabinet.

Looking towards the garage door.

Inside the kitchen.

Right side of the kitchen.

Left side of the kitchen.

China cabinet.

The new china cabinet.

The finish. :)

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