Monday, October 19, 2015

Updated Kitchen Cabinets...OH MY!!!

Wowza!  Refinishing kitchen cabinets is not always easy, but, man, is it worth it?  Yes, it is!  

Our kitchen wasn't in bad condition, I just wasn't a fan of the color of our cabinets.  I had thrown around the idea of staining them darker, but after binge watching Fixer Upper, I knew I wanted white and gray.  

My sweet husband took our munchkin to an air show in Ranger, Texas, that weekend so my awesome Sister and I could get as much done as possible without the help of Bray.  Here's a cute pic of them at the air show.

Like I said, my Sister is awesome and came to help.  She spent the night with me Friday, and we spent most of the day Saturday painting.

After scouring Pinterest, I decided i needed to try General Finishes Milk Paint.  I used Snow White for the upper cabinets and Driftwood for the lowers.

Prep was fairly easy.  I filled in the holes from the previous hardware.  We then cleaned them, sanded with a palm sander where the hardware had been to make it smooth, quickly ran over the whole door with the sander so the paint would stick better, then used a deglosser to wipe them down once more before painting.

The Snow White took five coats to really cover evenly.  The Driftwood only took two coats.  I finished it off with three coats of General Finishes Top Coat in Flat.  I'm wanting to refinish more cabinets in the house, and I may go with the darker colors simply because of it needing fewer coats.  I did not paint the insides of the doors because this paint is expensive, and I didn't want to buy more than I had too.  I used one quart of each color for the whole kitchen.

I finished the cabinets by replacing the outdated contact paper with wood grain contact paper.  The hardware that I used was purchased from Amazon.  I got knobs, bin pulls, and hinges all in Satin Nickel.  

After Nick got home, we decided that the Clary Sage walls were too much with the Driftwood cabinets.  The green looked great with the old color, but the Driftwood looked too blue next to the green.  So, I had some Megagriege left over from painting the living room.  I busted that out and did a quick coat.  It looks so much better now!

It's been holding up well so far.  I'll update if it starts to chip.

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