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August, September, and New Home...Oh MY!!!

Yet again, worst blogger award goes too... DeAnna Robertson!

We've been CRAZY busy.  We've moved; Nick was in the hospital (read that blog here); we've been painting and unpacking; and keeping up with our almost one-year old.

I love chicken fries from Burger King in a bad way.  When we were in college, I always made Nick stop at a BK to or from home (sometimes both) so I could fulfill my chicken fries craving.  One day a few years ago, I went by a BK and ordered chicken fries and was told they were out.  Ok, I was on I-30 and I really wanted them, so I went to the next exit that had a BK.  I was told the same thing at that BK.  I soon found out that Burger King had quit carrying them with no notice.  I wasn't a happy person.  Then, a miracle occurred, they brought them back.  Of course, I just found out that it is only for a limited time.  I'm going to have to hit up BK as often as possible until November.  I told Nick one evening, "I know this isn't real chicken, but I don't even care."

This little kid is just too cute when he wakes up in the morning, even when he's standing up and making Momma's heart race. :)

He started "crawling" August 15th, but it was backwards.  He kept getting himself stuck in some corners. :)

Saturday, August 16th, Brayden went to his first ever Pioneer Days in New Boston.  He spent that day and night with my parents and Sister.  Nick and I were moving things because we closed on our new house that week.  We wanted to be out as quickly as possible for the new owners to be able to get in and start making it their's.  He had a lot of fun and got to go to his first concert, The Bellamy Brothers.  He loved the tractors during the parade that morning.

A lot of times, Nick will pull up ATV or tractor videos, and he and Bray will watch them for ever.  It's amazing how still Brayden will sit and for how long.  He's his Daddy's son through and through when it comes to machinery.  He loves to watch it move around.  If it's a "commercial" type video, Bray starts to fuss when someone is talking too much and the machine isn't moving.  I've been known to pull out the DVD that came with Nick's Ditch Witch and put it in the DVD player to entertain the boy for a bit. It doesn't hold his attention as well as the YouTube videos with Daddy, but it works to an extent. :)

Monday, August 18th, was Brayden's first day at First Kids Academy.  I had to get a first day picture.  He wasn't having it.  Nick and I can't help but laugh at this every time we look at it.  He needed his coffee. :)

Apparently, daycare was hard work.  He fell asleep after we got home around 5:00, and slept until 7:00 when I woke him up.  I knew he'd need to eat dinner, and I wanted him to sleep through the night.  He was just too cute when I went to get him up.

Thursday, August 21st, we sold our first home and bought a country home!!  The first picture is right after we signed papers, and the second pic is in front of our new home!  We are ecstatic and loving it!  God has been crafting this for a while.  We didn't even have our house listed when some of our friends contacted us about wanting to look at our house if we'd be willing to sell it.  We talked about it and decided we'd try for it.  They came and looked at it a few times, and we came to an agreement through text messages at a Rangers game that Nick and I went to in June.  We immediately called Mitchell and said, "Ummm, we need a place to live."  He suggested a house that we've driven by many times.  Nick actually came to that house numerous times while growing up because his friend, Katie, lived here.  We weren't really sure about it, but decided to go at least look at it.  We fell in love!  It's perfect for us and has allowed us to move the business and office to the house as well.  We've got all of our things in one place, and I am so thankful for that.  Nick is so happy to have some land and even a space for a food plot for hunting.  The family we bought it from were excited to know that a young family was getting it who would take care of it, raise their kids here, and enjoy it.  I'm working on getting each room unpacked, painted, and just right before I'll post photos.  But, it won't be long, and I'll have a lot of it done.  My sister came down Friday to help me move while Nick worked.  Brayden spent the night with Bibi and Harpo.  Dad came down on Saturday to help, and Bill Gilbert and Nick's parents also helped that day as well.  Thanks to everyone who helped otherwise there is no way we could have done it on our own!

The following Tuesday is when Nick had his scare and was diagnosed with a-fib.  Again, read that here.  My wonderful Momma kept Brayden Tuesday when Nick went into the hospital.  She spent the night with him and took him to Kids Academy.  Our sweet friends, Casey & Mitchell, picked up Bray on Wednesday after Kids Academy and kept him until I got home.  He crashed on the short drive from the Maybens to our house.  Casey had given him a bath, but she didn't have any pjs for him.  That's why he's just in a diaper in the below pics.  Nick was still in the hospital that evening, but I just had to come see our little boy.  I tried to get him to sleep with me, but that lasted all of two minutes.  Guess I don't need to start that habit, but I had missed him the night before.  Then Thursday, my awesome Aunt Nee came to watch him while I went back to Tyler to pick Nick up from the hospital.  The doctor has called, and Nick has a CAT scan October 6th and the ablation will be October 13th.  We're praying that everything goes smoothly, and that Nick can get off the medication.  His heart has been holding steady while on the meds, but he is much more tired that he normally is.  Plus, he doesn't have as much get-up-and-go as normal.  He wants to be back to his normal self as quickly as possible.

Friday, August 29th, I ended up taking Brayden to the doctor because Casey thought he may have an ear infection when keeping him on Wednesday.  Turned out he had one in the right ear and had started one in the left.  I'm going to talk our regular doc next appointment, because I'm thinking Brayden may end up needing tubes in the future.  He gets too many ear infections and has terrible allergies.  But I'll wait till I can talk to the doc at his 12 month appointment.

I can say that I love the view off our back porch (especially when a thunderstorm is rolling in).

I don't have a pic of it, but Brayden officially started crawling August 29th!  He is ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.  He's super fast too.  But, I love not having to carry him everywhere.  He can get to his toys now on his own, of course, he can also get to the dog bowls too.  We're definitely having to baby proof, but I knew it was coming. :)

Labor Day weekend, my Dad's cousin, Carlene, invited us all to their lake house for a weekend of fun. We had a blast, as we always do with that family. :)  Bray helped Carlene drive the boat.  I wake boarded, but Nick took it easy since he had just been in the hospital.  We both rode the Seadoo though. And, we had to have a little photo op with the baby on the tube.  Carlene went fast enough to pull the rope taught for a pic, then we got back in.  Brayden didn't have a clue as to what we were doing. :)

Look at our big boy!  He's started holding his bottles with one hand, and it makes him look so big!

Just a cute pic of Bray playing at the old office before we moved everything.

Saturday, September 6th, my sweet friend from high school, Clara, got married in Dallas.  It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding.  I'm so excited for her and Will.  They are a perfect match.

Just enjoying the back porch with the boy.

Friday, September 12th, Brayden and I headed to New Boston for the NB vs. Pittsburg game.  It was Brayden's very first football game, and it was so pleasant!  I love fall weather.  He really enjoyed it.  My parents and Sister went as well.  It's nice having so many people to take care of one kid.

That Sunday, I accidentally dressed Bray exactly like his Daddy for church, but didn't know it until we showed up.  Ha!

Brayden's Sassy put his name on this cute back pack I found at Wal-Mart.  This is what we've transitioned to out of the diaper bag.

This was a day I was working on the digital sign at the church.  Brayden was enjoying his time crawling around.

Satchel loves having the office at the house now.  He sits in my lap while I work now.

This little toot was eleven months old on September 17th!  I can't believe it's almost his first birthday!  We're busy planning his campfire, hotdogs, and s'mores birthday party.  I'm excited!

He stresses me out with this hearth.

Remember how I mentioned Brayden loved watching videos with Dad?  I decided to take him out to one of Nick's job sites because Nick had a mini excavator rented, and I knew Brayden would LOVE it!  He was mesmerized and even rode it with Nick for a few minutes.  Nick tried to convince me that we needed to buy one and it could be a "babysitter."  Didn't work.

This is what a good two hour nap looks like.  It was before the football game, and it tickled me.

 Brayden has learned to give hugs lately.  And he's also learned that if he gives me hugs while I'm dressing him, I'll quit dressing him and love on him.  It takes us a lot longer to get him dressed, but I don't care.  I love all the loves.

He's starting to play more with the toys that Mitchell and Casey gave us that used to be Keyton's.

We went to Saw You at the Pole at our church this past Wednesday.  Brayden loves music and was enjoying the worship band here.

How can you not smile looking at this sweet face?

He's started flopping down on the pillows and rubbing his face in them on the couch.  It's pretty darn cute.

Daddy playing with all of his boys Friday before the football game.

Brayden had to take a nap in the middle of the football game.  He is teething like crazy.  Ready for the top two teeth to break through already.

But he woke up right before half time.  Callen and Brayden enjoyed playing for a few minutes before we went home.  Callen really tripped himself out before the below picture.  Made us all laugh.

Brayden has had a rough couple days.  He ran a low grade fever, but I associated that with teething.  Turns out, we think he has hand, foot, and mouth.  It's been going around the daycare kids, and I kinda expected him to get it.  Some bumps showed up this morning and we ended up coming home early from church so as not to infect anyone.  This picture was from us walking up and down our driveway this evening, so Brayden could get out of the house for a bit.  He had fun looking at our neighbor's cows.  I hope he feels better soon.  It hasn't been too bad yet, but that doesn't mean it won't get worse.

This was just a cute pic I had of him on my camera. :)

I'm hoping to blog some of the house this upcoming week.  We'll see if that happens.

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