Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sassy Time, Owen's Birthday, and Waco Weekend...Oh My!!

What, what?!  Two posts in one month!  Don't get too used to it though.  It's probably a fluke. :)
Just a few random pictures of little Brayden Dale.  Who would have thought I'd have pictures of him? :)

The Friday after Mother's Day, Brayden and I headed to New Boston/Texarkana to have some Sassy/Sister time.  We got a later start than normal, but we made a day of it anyways.  Brayden wore one of the tank tops Sassy made him.  We started off by going to Sister's office and visiting there for a bit.  Then, we headed to my all time favorite, Fuji.  My Aunt Gail was supposed to join us, but she got held up at work.  We ended up visiting with her for just a bit before we went shopping.  We hit up an awesome consignment store called "Cute as a Bug" on Texas Blvd (I believe).  I got lots of 18 month clothes for our growing boy!  He's wearing 12 month and 18 month clothing now...he's only 7 months old.  We also went to Southern Tropics for shaved ice and Sam's for everyday things.  We had planned on watching the second Hobbit movie during the afternoon while Brayden napped, but because we got to town late, it didn't happen.  Oh well, maybe next time!  Brayden crashed hard that night after his bedtime bottle with Daddy.

The next day, we went to Longview to celebrate our nephew, Owen's, third birthday.  I can't believe he's already three!  Brayden wore two of Sassy's tank tops.

Sunday the eighteenth, our church had movie night.  We decided we'd try it.  Brayden and I started in the adult room, but we quickly moved to the kids room and watched Monster University because little man was just too loud. :)

Bray has done this since he was born, but it still cracks me up.  "Don't take my bottle away, woman."

 So, I almost put Tex, our weim, up for adoption.  A few months ago, Tex broke out of his kennel.  This is a normal occurrence.  He's like the Houdini of the dog world.  So, after finding his kennel on it's side in the bedroom, we decided we might as well leave him out.  About two weeks ago, I came home to ripped up flooring in our kitchen.  Needless to say, Tex now has 175 pound test zip ties holding him in.  He hasn't gotten out yet.  We're having to use a runner until we replace our flooring.

This was one of the rompers Sassy bought Brayden.  I was trying to get a good picture of it, but I had to wait until that afternoon.

Thursday, May 22nd, I did something I've been contemplating for over a year.  I chopped my hair off!  I've wanted a Ginnifer Goodwin-esque pixie cut since Once Upon a Time started, but I really became serious about a year ago.  But, I kept chickening out.  Every time I'd go in for a trim, Randa would ask me, "We doing it this time?"  I finally said yes!  I about had a heart attack right after we did it, but I'm in love with it now!  It's so easy to fix and go.  I don't know how long I'll keep this cut, but it's staying for now!  I was super concerned with whether or not Bray would recognize me when I picked him up.  He heard my voice and immediately grinned.  Thank goodness!  My mommy heart may not have been able to handle him not recognizing me.
All my hair!

Friday, May 23rd, I took Bray up to his pediatrician.  I was concerned he may have had an ear infection.  He'd started pulling on his ear the day before.  But, it ended up just being a cold.  Thank goodness because we were headed to Waco that evening.  That's the main reason I took him to the doc.  Didn't want to end up at an Urgent Care of ER over the weekend with a baby in pain.  He's been great though!  Speaking of the Waco trip, it was a lot of fun!  Brayden rolled with all the punches we threw at him with zero meltdowns.  Thank the good Lord above!  We got away late Friday evening after getting to see Aunt Rhon, and Brayden fell asleep driving out of Pittsburg and  woke up as we were pulling into China Springs (where we stayed).  Nick's cousins, Jennifer and Jason, let us crash at their house for the weekend.  We arrived at their house around midnight.  Jen and Jason had a race the next morning, so they were gone before we woke up.  We had received sad news the night before while driving in that Nick's Mammaw (the main reason we came to Waco) had been diagnosed with a staph infection and we probably wouldn't be able to take Brayden in.  We were devastated, because we wanted her to get to meet her great grandson.  But, once we got to the nursing home, the nurse told us we could all go in as long as we robed up and didn't touch anything.  We did as we were told and got to visit with Mammaw for about ten minutes.  She really enjoyed getting to see her newest great grandson.  We're hoping she'll get better soon and we can make another trip down there this summer to see her.  Nick and I went to eat lunch at George's after visiting with Mammaw. I really wanted fried pickles. :)  At the end of our meal, Brayden decided it was a good idea to pull over my full Dr. Pepper into my lap.  So, we had to drive back to China Springs so I could change.  We visited with Jen and Jason a bit before heading over to Nick's cousins', Ryan and Heather, house.  We visited with them for a few hours before heading to Outback to visit with a lot of Melanie's family.  I'm not going to list everyone because we had 13 or 14 people there.  We went to Gavin and Lindzie's afterwards to visit longer and more comfortably with everyone.  Sunday morning, we had breakfast with Jen, Jason, and their kids, Dakota & Montana, before heading to visit with Nick's aunt and uncle then head to Dallas.  My Dad's best friend's son was graduating from high school that evening.  We got to see Brock walk the stage, and Brayden got to meet Boyd, Nena, and Brock for the first time.  We got home late Sunday evening.  It was a whirlwind trip, but I so enjoyed getting to visit with everyone.

This is Nick's Pop's hat that Ryan had on the mantle at his house.  :)

Brayden's newest face...surprised.  He hasn't quite figured out yet that you're only supposed to hold that face for a couple of seconds...not thirty.  It's cute though.

Nick had to work Memorial Day due to the impending rain for the rest of the week.  We did have dinner over at Joe & Melanie's and Alan, Tovah, and Owen joined as well. 
Vacation is in a couple of short weeks, so I'll start getting ready for that. :)

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