Thursday, March 20, 2014

Brayden, Birthdays, and March...Oh My!!!

Goodness gracious!  Where had March gone?
I’ve been shopping for Brayden (what’s new?).  I got this cute little outfit at Sam’s.  He’ll get to wear it sometime around Easter, I’m guessing.

My mom bought these sunglasses for Brayden.  He actually wears them and doesn't mess with them!  How cute is he?
Brayden holds his head up a lot now when he’s laying on his tummy.  He’s rolling from tummy to back too.  Just as cute as can be.

We had to retire the baby bath tub.  Our four and a half month old was too big for it.  So, we purchased this sponge thing on Amazon.  Didn’t really work for us.  You couldn’t get the water too deep because then his ears would be under water.  But if you kept the water level low enough to not get in his ears, he was only in about an inch of water.  So, I felt like he would get cold.  We’ve ended up borrowing a mesh bath chair from our friends, the Mckenzies.  Callen is big enough that he no longer needs it, and this way, we didn’t have to buy one.  Thanks friends!!
Our sweet friends, Joe & Linsey, were baptized a few weeks ago.  Yay and amen!

He is just too cute in all of his hats.  I have a baby hat fetish.  This one was only $.50 though!  Children’s Place was having a huge sale (2 for $1), so I snapped up four hats for our boy.

We switched Brayden to his convertible car seat that Nick’s parents bought us for Brayden’s gift before he was born.  He has not liked the carrier for a while now.  I believe that he disliked it because he was too big for it.  His feet were hanging off the end, and you had to kind of stuff him in it.  Now, he acts like he is in a La-z-boy.  He loves it!  For the most part, there is no longer screaming and tears every trip we make.  Yay!

Brayden tried baby food for the first time on February 28th.  He tried green beans and LOVED them!  I’m trying my hand at doing homemade baby food.  So far, so good.  I’ve made green beans, green sweet peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and butternut squash.  He’s tried everything but butternut squash and has liked all of it.  We’ll try the squash later this weekend.  I’ve also got broccoli, pears, and apples in the fridge ready to be cooked and pureed.  Hopefully, he’ll continue to like it all.

March 3rd, Brayden had his first “winter precip.”  We’ve had some snow flurries since he was born, but nothing stuck.  This is the first time it was actually white outside.  We took a few pics to commemorate the moment.

However, he liked being inside much better.
He loves to sleep, this boy.

March 7th, we “bid adieu to Chelsy’s 20s” with a roaring 20s surprise party.  It was so much fun!  Happy birthday sweet friend!

Daddy was trying to entertain Brayden one evening.  It was pretty cute. J

Tuesday, March 11th, I had a random high fever.  I was never sick or nauseous, but I ran a fever that would fluctuate between 99 to 102 degrees.  It only lasted about 12 hours, but it was not fun for sure.  That evening, Brayden started coughing pretty badly.  By Thursday, I knew Brayden wasn’t getting any better, and he probably needed to go to his doctor.  We made an appointment, and my fears were confirmed when I was told he had RSV and an ear infection.  We’ve been holed up in the house since then.  With the ministration of breathing treatments and antibiotics, he’s gotten much better.  I believe he’s shared his germs with me and Nick.  I’m not feeling tip top now, and Nick has a tickle in his throat.  Let’s hope it doesn’t last too long and that Brayden will be 100% before long.  At his appointment, we learned that he has grown an inch from his four month appointment (27 inches), and gained some weight as well (20.2 lbs).

Brayden got his first pair of TOMS.  I got them from Zulily.  They’re still a bit big, but I cannot wait for him to wear them.  They are so cute!

Nick can get Brayden to laugh and giggle.  It is too cute.  I want to see if this video will load or not.  Hopefully it will. :)

We are celebrating two birthdays this weekend: my Dad’s and our friend Curt’s.  Can’t wait.  It’ll be loads of fun!

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