Monday, October 7, 2013

Camper, Birthdays, and Besties...Oh My!!!

Well, we've done a lot since my last "updating" post, but a lot of it is baby related.  Anything centered around Brayden, I've been updating my "Third Trimester" blog, so I don't want to reiterate it here.  So, quick recap of what we've done, but I don't want to put all of the info out.  Sister came two weekends ago and made all of Bray's baby bedding.  Super cute and just what I had envisioned.  She did such a good job, and I can't wait to show it off!  We've had another baby shower (at the bank).  We've been working diligently getting the nursery ready and hospital bags packed.  We bought his coming home outfit.  And we've entered the baby month!  You'll have to wait for the blog for all of the info and pictures that go along with all of that.

The 27th, Nick & I went to the Pittsburg Homecoming football game.  That's probably the last game we'll be attending this season.  I'm just getting too pregnant for them. :)

We did lots of fun things this past weekend.  My Bestie and her little one, Wyatt, came to spend Friday night with us.  We visited, talked about baby stuff, and went to Efurd's pumpkin patch.  My in-laws had my nephew this weekend so they met up with us there as well.  We, of course, had to get some cute pictures.
"Un Nick" and Owen by the pond at Efurd's.
Cute Mr. Wyatt, and Nick swinging Owen around in the background.
Momma & Wyatt looking at the frogs.
Sweet Bestie!
Uncle Nick & Owen taking a cute pic by the tractors.
Momma & Wyatt taking a cute pick on the trailer.
Climbing on the tractor.
Owen kept telling me, "It's real heavy, Aunt Dede."
Someone was looking sleepy.
Picture with the nephew by the really big pumpkin.
 Bestie & Wyatt left around 2:00 on Saturday.  We always have such a short time together, but I love her dearly!  After they left, Nick & I spent some time in the camper.  We were discussing what we would store where, what we needed to buy, what is going on our Christmas lists, etc.  We had the dogs in the camper with us.  I'm not sure I could take both of them camping with us, but they sure enjoyed hanging out with us as we made plans.
Satchel was worn out from entertaining a two year old. :)
Family picture in the camper!
We went out with a big group of friends Saturday evening for Linsey's birthday.  We went to Kobee Japanese Steak House in Longview.  It was super yummy!
Casey & I waiting for our cook.
Our group.
Owen loves to come to the second service at church when Joe & Melanie keep him.  He always wants to watch Uncle Nick play drums.  Once Nick came and sat in the audience with us, Owen crawled up in his lap to listen to the sermon.  He was one sleepy little boy, but Uncle Nick is a great chair. :)

Sunday evening, Nick & I headed out to eat dinner with the Maybens and McKenzies at the Mayben's cabin. Mitchell and Casey made some yummy stuffed avocado things.  We made s'mores in the chiminea afterwards.  I'm loving this cooler weather!!!  Casey had gotten Brayden a new stuffed animal in Jefferson.  Keyton and Kenlie gave it to me and named it Crocky the Crocodile. They are so excited about this baby. :)

I'm getting ready to head to Bible Study and doing some nesting while I wait.

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