Monday, August 12, 2013

Working, Sister's Birthday, and Rain...Oh My!

Friday night, Nick & I spent an evening in Longview.  He had some jobs he needed to bid, and I went a long for the ride.  Of course, I also got dinner out of the deal.  I had been craving spinach dip for a while and Cheddar's has some phenomonal spinach dip.  :)  Nick dared me to order something other than a monte cristo sandwich.  I said, "Why on earth would I do that?"  He said, "In the almost 8 years we've been together, you've only ever ordered a monte cristo when we come to Cheddar's."  I said, "I've ordered chicken fried steak."  He said, "That doesn't count."  I said, "Why mess up something I know I'm going to like."  He said, "Point taken."  Needless to say, I ordered a monte cristo, and it was fabulous.

Also, here's a funny picture of Tex in Nick's work shirt.  We're weird and like to mess with our dogs.

Saturday, I went to register at Hoover's for Brayden.  Had lots of fun doing that.  Nick & I grabbed some BBQ at the trailer in front of Hoover's.  I've forgotten the name of it, but it was yummy.  Nick worked a bit while I cleaned house.  Then we headed to New Boston to celebrate Sister's 29th birthday!  We met up with my aunt and two of my cousins for dinner at Fugi's.  Then we drove back to NB to swim, let Sister open presents, and eat cake.  We got Sister a bottle of wine, and the two of us are going to go to Painting with a Twist soon.  Mom let Sister's cake melt (it was an ice cream cake), but not completely. :)  Just some of the frosting melted down the side.  It still tasted super yummy.  We all swam and visited.  Nick helped kill all of the mosquitos that were swarming around my head for some reason...I guess pregnancy hormones were attracting them??  They didn't do that to anyone else.  We were all about to leave to head our separate ways when the bottom dropped out.  It poured for a good thirty minutes.  So, we visited a bit longer to wait for the rain to clear.  We had a great time, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!!

Sister and her bottle of wine.
Me & Sister

Always have to have a funny face pic.

The dogs and Husband watching Sister open presents.
Sunday, we had church, ate lunch, and I took a nap.  Nick worked most of the day.  His parents dropped by, and it started to rain.  It was beautiful. :)  They stayed for dinner, and we visited a bit.  Now we're back to another work week.

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