Monday, July 1, 2013

Puppies, Family Reunion, and Fishing...Oh My!

As I mentioned in my last post, we kept Ranger, my Sister's pup, for most of the week last week while she and my parents went on vacation.  He was funny and our puppies were worn out after he left.  Satchel has started tolerating him.  Hopefully things will just keep getting better on that end. :)
Ranger licking my eyelashes.  I was trying to take a good picture to send to Sister.  And that's what happened.
Satchel was jealous and needed to feel love too.
Friday night, the Nicholson family reunion kicked-off with dinner at Vaughan's on Lake Bob Sandlin.  It was very yummy.  We then all headed out to Camp Shiloh for some visiting.  Saturday morning was the actual reunion.  Nick got up early to do some work, and I worked on a few dishes for the potluck lunch.  He finished up a little after 10:00, and we headed out to the camp.  We had our big group picture at noon then ate until I could pop!  We participated in the silent auction then played Bingo.  I headed back into town in the afternoon to meet up with my parents and sister who needed to pick-up Ranger.  I visited with them a bit, then headed back out to the reunion for leftovers for dinner.  A lot of people had already left, but we still got to visit with lots of people.  We were sitting out in our lawn chairs, and I was exhausted.  A good thing about being pregnant is when you take an hour long nap in your lounger outside, no one looks at you crazy when you wake up. :)  I felt very refreshed after that nap.
Dinner at Vaughan's.
Dinner at Vaughan's.
Dinner at Vaughan's.
Dinner at Vaughan's.
Good lounging weather. :)
Waiting on the husband to come take a picture with me, and my mother-in-love says, "Turn sideways!"
I literally had to beg him to take this with me.  We were relaxed in the lounge chairs, and he did not want to get up.  He said, "We'll be out here again next year."  I said, "But I won't be pregnant with Brayden then."  He said, "But Brayden will be with us for the picture."  I said, "Get over it.  I want a picture of me pregnant with Brayden and a picture next year with Brayden.  Get up."  Pregnant lady won.
Then we took a photo of my wonderful father- and mother-in-love.
Everyone in attendance at this year's reunion.  I believe we had 62 in all, that's a record!
Nick & I took his cousin, Troy, and Troy's girlfriend Katy out to fish at Highland Club Lake on Sunday afternoon.  Troy and Nick went out to fish for the big fish in the boat.  Katy and I stayed on the floating dock, but enjoyed ourselves just the same.  Troy caught a good sized bass, and Katy and I were able to catch lots of bream then had some time to get to know one another.  This was my first time to meet Katy.  After a few hours of fishing, we went to Efurd's to get ice cream.  We had a great time with them both!
It was so pleasant!  I did have to apply sun screen all day, but we had a nice breeze and the temp was not too terribly hot.
Troy's bass!

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  1. Sondra NicholsonJuly 2, 2013 at 4:42 PM

    Great pictures! The family picture is so good. Thank you and Nick for taking Troy and Katy fishing...they really had a good time they told us and loved going by Efurd's. Wasn't our reunion good this year? We have a great family...enjoyed all of it. Thank you.