Monday, January 14, 2013

Movies, Sister, & Puppies...Oh MY!

2013 is going fabulously!

I started this week off by going to see Les Miserables on Monday with a coworker, Michelle.  I just love spending time with her.  We both really enjoyed the movie, ate popcorn, and didn't cry.  We were prepared walking in with a box of Kleenex, but neither of us had a crying moment.  I teared up twice, but no torrential, ugly crying going on.  Michelle didn't have any of that either.  We were wondering if we were hard hearted because we didn't cry, but whatever.  We really enjoyed the movie none the less. :)

We started our Bible study back up on Tuesday.  We're going through a study called When Wallflowers Dance.  So far, it's a great book!  Can't wait to delve deeper and spend more time with these lovely ladies!

Wednesday was church night.  We're getting close to wrapping up our study that we started last year called What did you Expect?  I've really enjoyed going through this study.  I think we have two more sessions then we'll start something new.

Michelle got a miniautre Morkie (Maltese and Yorkie mix), Mitchell & Casey got a new lab, and my sister came this weekend to spend the night Friday night and she brought Ranger with her.  We have been loving on LOTS of puppies this week!

Sister came down after work on Friday to spend the night with us and just hang out.  We went to Pete's on Friday night with the Maybens, Kelley & Bailey, and our new friends, the Browns.  We enjoyed dinner then went to see the new lab.  Keyton kept saying, "Hey, I got a new puppy!" at the most random times.  Such a cute kid!  We also played Dance Central 4 a lot.  It wore us out, but it was a lot of fun!

Saturday morning, we went and ate breakfast at the Hot Link Joint followed by a riveting Upward Basketball game.  :)  Kenlie was playing, and we had to see her!  She was "playing defense" and didn't want to touch the ball.  You could tell she was not too into it, but I'm hoping with time she'll get the hang of it. :)

Enjoying some Upward.
See how Kenlie sat on the bench. :)
I think this is the only time she touched the ball.
Go blue team!
After Upward, we went home, I took a nap, Sister read, and Nick had to head back to the church to set up the stage for Sunday morning.  Around 4:00, we headed over to the Mayben's house to shoot guns.  Sister brought a couple of hand guns from home, and Nick found out that I had never shot a firearm except for a bb gun.  He knew that must be ratified immediately.  The kids got to shoot their bb guns, and Sister, myself, and Nick shot the hand guns a couple of times.  It was fun, and I want to go to a range sometime soon.
Keyton being cute. :)
Casey teaching Kenlie how to shoot her bb gun.
How cute is this?!  The kids were wearing protective gear so the guns wouldn't hurt their ears.  Bailey didn't have a pair, so Keyton was helping her out.  What's cute is the fact that absolutely no one was shooting at this time.  Such cute kids. :)
You know,  just having fun.
Husband shooting.  He looks quite handsome like that.
After our time outside, we dashed back to the house to change clothes and fix our windswept hair.  We then met back up with the Maybens and the Browns to spend an evening at the winery.  We had a lot of fun except for the fact that the cold front came through, and we all started FREEZING!  Even when they turned the heaters on, it was still cold.  We all took our dessert to go.  My husband was my knight in shining armor.  He was the smart one and brought a coat that he willingly gave to his wife who did not prepare for the cold evening.  Such a great guy!  Sister headed home after we had our dessert.  She had to run the computer at church the next morning, otherwise, she would have stayed another night.

Sunday was a typical Sunday of church, lunch, nap, and then Joe & Melanie came over for some homemade chili.  We had a great time of visiting.  They then went home, and Nick & I worked on getting our house ready for DNow.  We're going to be a host home, and I need to make the spare bedrooms livable for a few nights.  I've almost got one room done.  We'll work on Nick's office this upcoming weekend.  Should be fun!

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