Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cars, Birthdays, and Curtains...Oh MY!

Man, am I not the worst blogger of late?  I'm going to blame it on the Olympics.  I've been practically worthless the last two weeks.  However, I did enjoy watching as much of the games as possible. :)

Let's start where I last left off...

Saturday, July 21st, Nick & I headed down to New Boston for a Bray family get together.  We celebrated a few birthdays, and ate lunch.  Had a blast with everyone.  My sister got a new car, so Nick  & I rode around with her all over New Boston.  It's a Chevy Equinox.  It's super nice!  Then, the three of us went and met up with some friends from Pittsburg that have moved to Texarkana.  It was nice getting to sit and visit with Wes, Chesley, Kate & Emily.  We also got to eat at my favorite restaurant, Fugi's.  I so wish there was one closer.  :)  All in all, a very good Saturday.

Satch enjoying Sister's new car. :)
Sunday, July 22nd, Joe, Melanie, and Aunt Rhon returned home from Colorado.  Buddy was so very excited to get to see them.  We were too of course.  We visited and listened to tales of vacation.  I can't wait for Nick & I to go visit Colorado again.
Wednesday, July 25th, I headed to Dallas by myself to attend the Financial Literacy Summit at the Federal Reserve for the bank.  It didn't actually start until Thursday morning, but I went down Wednesday to keep from dealing with morning traffic.  I met up with Kathryn to go out to eat and shop a bit.  I was so happy to get to see her!  I don't see her nearly often enough.  I was able to stay at Hotel Zaza which is about 2 blocks from the Fed.  Nice since I was able to walk and didn't have to drive.  Side note: I've decided that all towns should have sidewalks and Metros.  I loved being in D.C., and I loved being able to walk to work that morning.  Now, if only that could happen.  Back on track: The Fed has the BEST food.  I wish I worked there.  Just kidding, I don't want to work there, but the food really was good.  This is the second Summit I've gone too, and I remember the food being phenomenal the first time too.  I learned a lot, and then headed back home Friday after the closing panel had spoken.

My wonderful room for the night.  Swank.
This is a cool frosted window.  The other side of this is the shower, and this is in the sitting area of the actual room. I thought it was neat.
This is on the SECOND floor of the Fed.  I think it's too cool that they have a courtyard above the ground level.
I liked this tree, and I asked Nick if we could have one.
I took this for my Sister and my friend, Jess.  They both love New Girl. :)
Friday, July 27th, I got a new car!  I was so excited.  I was sad to leave my Focus behind, but as Nick kept saying, "You'll get over it."  I sometimes still miss my car, but for the most part, I've gotten over it. I got a 2011 Ford Edge.  It only had 20,000 miles on it!  I absolutely LOVE it!  It's silver, like my Focus. :)  I'm having to get used to driving a bigger vehicle, but I'm doing pretty well.  The only thing I'm having trouble with is remembering I don't have as tight of a turning radius.  I'm sure that will come to me in time.
Bye bye Georgie!  I'll miss you.
Hello Evy!  I'm going to love you!  My Bestie, April, helped me name her. :)
That evening, Nick & I headed to Longview to go to the Balloon Glow at the airport with my family.  We had an absolute blast!  We want to go again next year.  I was telling our CFO at the bank about it, and he said there is a HUGE Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque every October.  I've told Nick that is now on my bucket list.  I've looked at pictures, and it looks amazing.
I loved it when they all glowed!
Mom & Dad at the Balloon Glow.
One of my favorites!
Sister & Me at the Glow.
Some of the big shape balloons.
Nick & me at the Glow.
There was not much that went on for at least a week (the Olympics I tell you).

Saturday, August 4th, Alan, Tovah, & Owen came to Pittsburg.  They'd been on vacation, and came down to visit everyone.  We went for Efurd's ice cream and then head a scrumptious steak dinner.  Yummy...
Aunt Dede and Owen getting some ice cream!
Owen "driving" Aunt Dede's car. :)
Owen & Buddy playing.
We went to Henderson on Sunday, August 5th, to visit with family and see my Dad's new quartet, Relentless, sing. The quartet is made up of my Dad, his two friends, Chip Bricker & Boyd Chisum, and Boyd's son, Brock.  They did an outstanding job!  They sang at Nick's Aunt Patsy & Uncle Bobby's church.  So, we were able to kill two birds with one stone and got to see lots of family at one event.  We all went to eat at Cotton Patch afterwards.  I was in heaven. :)

Tuesday, August 7th, I hung out with a few of my girlfriends here in Pittsburg.  My friend, Christi, was having a Premier Jewelry party at her house.  We all feasted on Christi's Pinterest cooking, and had fun looking at all the jewelry.  I love getting to spend time with all of them.

Friday, August 10th, was my sister's 28th birthday!  We celebrated by going to eat at Copeland's in Texarkana.  It's a newer restaurant that Nick & I had never been to before.  It's a New Orleans styled restaurant.  Yummy food and a good time.  We went to Academy afterwards so Sister could get her birthday present... a new Schwinn bicycle.  It's very pretty, but I've yet to see her ride it further than the aisle.  It was dark when we got home, so she wasn't able to take it for a spin.  Nick & I got her (and us) tickets to go see NEEDTOBREATHE in October in Longview!  We are all excited to get to see them again.  My SIL, Tovah, was the one who let me know they were going to be there.  We've got really good seats and can't wait for October 13th!

Saturday, August 11th, we had two parties to attend.  One for Keyton's 2nd birthday, and one for Nick's cousin, Nathan's, going to college party.  We enjoyed both immensely!  Keyton's birthday was at Pete's.  We gorged ourselves on pizza and squealers.  Then we headed over to the Nicholson's home for Nathan's party.  I didn't eat a lot there, but I did eat some delicious cookie cake. :)  Nathan's headed to Rhode's College in Memphis.  He's so excited, and we're excited for him too.  Nick's cousin's fiance, A.J. pilots a helicopter and was on patrol that night, so he did a fly over and landed in the pasture next to the house.  It was fun getting to see it all happen.  We told Nathan he was the coolest kid ever because he got a helicopter at his party.  :)

Sunday, August 12th, I went shopping in Longview with a dear friend of mine, Kristen.  I've wanted new shower curtains for both of our bathrooms for ages.  We've always had glass sliding doors, and I wanted curtains.  So, I finally decided it was time to go find some.  Kristen agreed to make the trek to Longview with me, so I could find some I liked.  I accomplished my goal.  We also went to Yogurt Bar, TJMaxx, and Michael's.  A very fun trip with a very fun friend. :)

Last night, we hung said shower curtains.  I love them!  :)

Guest Bathroom.
Master Bathroom.

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