Monday, May 7, 2012

MAVS, Food, & Friends...Oh MY!!!!!

This weekend was a WONDERFUL (albeit jam-packed) weekend!

Friday, Nick & I both took off a little early.  I wanted to get the house picked up a little bit, and Nick wanted to get some stuff done outside.  We decided to run to the feed store and B&S while we were out running errands.  There was a beautiful hanging basket of white and purple petunias at B&S.  Well, I just HAD to have them. :)  We got home, Nick put up a hook to hang it from, and now I have Tarleton colored flowers hanging out front.  I just LOVE them!  That night, Nick's cousin, Tim, came over for dinner.  We hadn't been able to visit with him at all recently, so we thought it'd be nice to have him over for the evening.  We had a delicious home cooked meal, and had some good talking in there as well.
Close-up of my pretty flowers.

A little farther away shot. :)
Saturday, Nick worked outside by mowing and watering the yard.  We had Nick's parents over for lunch. I had made a pork roast the day before, so we reheated the meat and made pork sliders.  Nick also grilled sausage, and I made a few sides.  It was quite a delicious lunch.  Then, we loaded the puppies up and took them to spend the night with Joe & Melanie while Nick & I attended a Dallas Mavericks game!  We were so pumped to be able to attend a playoff game.  Even though they lost, we had a great time.  We had the privilege of sitting in a suite.  I've never done that before and felt quite pampered.  We went with 4 of my coworkers and a lot of their family members.  I think I could get used to sitting in a suite.  It had all the food and drinks we could want, plus, at half time, a dessert trolly came around.  I indulged in a HUGE (and yummy) caramel apple. We also got free shirts to wear.  Since they were XL, I didn't wear mine.  However, I've seen a blog on Pinterest that teaches you how to make a "Game Day Dress" out of a t-shirt.  I'm going to try it with the freebie.  Hope it works!  We drove home after the game so we could be at church the next morning.

This is my coworker, Eva, when we received our tickets!

Before the game.  The jumbo tron would find someone who hadn't put their shirt on and leave the camera there until they put the shirt on. :)

Nick & I right when we arrived.  Woo hoo suite!

Mavs and Thunder warming up.

Jason Kidd during the National Anthem.

The lovely ladies I work with.  Love them all!
L to R: Eva, Michelle, me, and Charlotte

Some of the greatest guys out there!  Joe's wearing the freebie shirt.
L to R: Jason, Nick, and Joe

The crowd during the game...

The most delicious desserts I've EVER had a sporting event.
Eva thought this would make a good pic. :)

Had to get a pic of the banner!

Nick & I during the game.

My wonderful boss, Charlotte, and I.

Lovely ladies (with Joe giving Michelle bunny ears) plus little man Garrett.

Mavs Maniaacs!!!  They're my favorite break performers.

Nick & I after the game.  The arena sure did clear out quickly.

This is my coworker, Michelle's, son Garrett.  He's so much fun at sporting events.  He dances and cheers on the team the entire time! 
Sunday, Nick & I got up and went to church.  We had an awesome time at Sunday School, and then had a great service lead by Bill.  We had lunch with Mitchell, Casey and the kids.  We went to La Finca in Gilmer.  The queso there is very yummy!  After lunch, we went to Ms. Poteet's retirement party.  Nick had Ms. Poteet as a middle school band director.  She now directs at Gilmer.  Mitchell & Casey also had her for band back in the day. :)  We spent some time there, ate cake and drank punch, then we headed back to Pittsburg.  We picked up the puppies from Joe & Melanie's house, then headed back to our home.  Nick got the power washer working for me, and I cleaned up the back porch a lot.  Bye bye (empty) wasp nests and spider I killed with the high powered water!  I also cleaned all of the windows off.  I'm going to Windex them this weekend.  Now, Nick & I are going to start beautifying the back porch.  Lights and seating come next!  Whoo hoo!  I didn't take any pictures yet of the post clean porch.  That'll have to wait for the next post.

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