Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beginning of August...Oh my!

One day at the beginning of August, Brayden was being anti nap. Apparently, Clara wasn't wanting to take a nap either. So, Christi and I took the kiddos to the new Pittsburg Splash Pad. Of course, Brayden fell asleep one mile before we got there, but I woke him up and made him go in. He took some time to warm up to it, but Clara, literally took to it like a fish to water. It's hard to get a picture of two toddlers!!

Also that week, Brayden and I went to Longview to shop for church and a few things for us.  He's been delivering on those dreaded terrible twos lately (even though he's not quite two).  Thankfully, he was a complete delight the entire day.  It was hot, and we had a few curve balls thrown at us, but he handled it all like a champ.  We had to sit outside to eat lunch at Panda Express because there weren't any tables inside.  We shopped at a very packed Sam's, and ran a few other errands as well.  He was just an awesome kid.

We celebrated my sister's 31st birthday a few days early.  We went to eat at Scottie's Grill in Texarkana.  It was very good!  Dad's sisters and their families came to celebrate as well.  We then went back to Mom & Dad's house for her to open presents.  I forgot to take any pictures though!

The following are a few random pictures.

He barks when he gets in there.
Tex helped Brayden get a cookie cake off the counter, hence the orange frosting.
Since it was our last official day of summer break, Brayden I had fun playing in his blow-up pool in the backyard.  This kid is such a little ham.

On another note, that dog is going to fall in one day
Brayden went with me to go visit my family and go to Pioneer Days in New Boston.  Bray enjoyed the tractors the most.  He also got to pet a miniature horse.  Then he pretended he was a puppy at Sassy's house.  Then, a quick nap on the way home.  We had our Back 2 School bash for the kids at church.  It was a lot of fun!

Brayden started his "school" last Monday.  He loves being with friends and getting out of the house every day.

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