Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Middle-ish of December...Oh MY!

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

I love the Christmas season, but it's even better with a little one in tow.  Just to see everything through their eyes is a blast.

Random, non Christmas related picture of Bray and Nick. :)  Love his overalls!

Some of our good friends, Cheesy & Martin, have a little girl named Hartley who had to be in the hospital for a couple of days due to some sickness she couldn't shake.  I went to visit her one day.  She was just as sweet as could be. 

On December 17th, Kids Academy had a Christmas party for the kiddies.  They got to wear their Christmas jammies to school.  Love these kiddos!

Brayden has to get hair cuts every 3 to 4 weeks.  His hair is super thick, and his hats won't go on his head if his hair is too big.  But he doesn't mind as long as he gets his endless supply of suckers. :)

Nick turned 27 on December 19th!  We celebrated by having a completely fun day.  The good Lord was smiling down on us and made it rain, so Nick didn't have to worry about getting guys to job sites.  People don't expect much to happen in the landscaping world when it's raining.  We were given tickets to go see Gilmer play the championship football game at Jerry World by Ewing, a company Nick buys from.  We headed to Dallas after dropping Bray off at Kids Academy.  We had a lot of fun at the game and were excited for Gilmer to win.  It was our first time seeing Jerry World up close and personal (instead of just driving by).  Very cool stadium!  After the game, we hopped in the car and headed to Kilgore to meet up with Nick's parents (who had picked up Brayden for us) and Nick's aunt & uncle for dinner at County Tavern.  Melanie also brought a surprise for Nick from me, a strawberry cheesecake from Flora Dee's.  He was super excited about it!  After dinner, we went to McDonald's in Kilgore to visit and let Bray play in the Play Place.  There were two older kids there, and they were loving playing with Brayden. :)

On December 20th, Melanie went with Brayden and I to Sulphur Springs to do a little Christmas shopping.  Melanie needed some new blue jeans too.  We hit up the Lee Outlet for her (and got some cute jammies for Owen for Christmas).  Then we went to the kitchen store in the outlet mall.  Melanie got lots of goodies for mine, Nick's, and Tovah's stockings.  Then we went to eat at Panda Express and finished the trip at Wal-Mart getting last minute goodies for our stockings.  Brayden did so well the entire time and was pooped on the way home.

That evening, Brayden and I headed to a friend's wedding close to Texarkana.  Harpo ended up having to take Brayden off to entertain him because he was having none of this "be quiet and sit still" nonsense that I was trying to make him do.  :)  It was a beautiful and fun wedding.  We didn't stay very long into the reception because Brayden was starving.  We went to Pizza Inn, and Bibi gave Bray his very first ice cream cone.  He LOVED it!  Then we headed back to New Boston.  Harpo and Bibi got Bray some very cute Superman pjs, so he had to model them before the two of us headed back to Daddy in Pittsburg.

Just a picture of this cutie snuggling Oscar.

On December 21st, I, along with some great chaperones, took a total of 40 kids and adults to eat at DQ and see Santa at The North Pole of Texas.  The kids all enjoyed it, I didn't loose anyone, and we all had a great time!

Brayden's teacher made this sweet ornament for us for Christmas.

The last two weeks of December, Kids Academy was closed due to Christmas break.  Brayden got to do a lot of running around with Momma.  This was one of those days, and he was so tired!  He slept on me while running errands.  Sweet boy. :)

Onto the Christmas post next!

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