Sunday, November 9, 2014


Brayden turned one...three weeks ago!  Better late than never to get it on the blog.  His birthday fell on Friday this year, and we celebrated with a party with friends and family on Saturday. 

I've got to give a standing ovation to my awesome sister (aka Sassy).  Without her, this party would not have gone near as smoothly as it did.  She made his invitations, his birthday shirt, and decorations for the party.  She did whatever she could to get the house ready for our guests.  She cut up onions, warmed up chili, cleaned tables, etc.  She has such a servant's heart, and she helps in any way she can.  Thanks Sister. :)  We all love you very much, and Brayden adores his Sassy!

My sister made Brayden's invitation.  We went with a camping, hot dogs, and s'mores theme.  We had it in our backyard.  I made Brayden's smash cake and the cake that everyone else ate.  We had a lot of friends and family come and pour out love on our boy.  We are so thankful! 

This seems cliché, but it's the truth.  I never really believed in love at first sight; however, I'm a believer now.  The moment I knew I was pregnant with Brayden, I knew I loved him with all my heart.  Then, when I gave birth to him, my heart could have exploded with the love I felt for him.  That love has only grown in the past year.  He's reached so many milestones, and has stolen his families' hearts. 

We love you Brayden Dale and can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you!

His shirt says, "I am this many" with a hand holding up one finger.  So cute!

Brayden's smash cake.
Cake for everyone.  Top layer was chocolate, and the bottom layer was vanilla.
We had hot dogs and chips for dinner.

Enjoying s'mores after dinner.

We all took a picture like this pregnant, at their baby dedication, and now at Bray's first birthday.  Love these sweet friends!

Present time!

Sassy made Brayden a wheelbarrow with our logo on it!  Too cute.  We'll be using that next time we have need an ad. :)


We thought he was going to eat it one sprinkle at a time.  Thankfully, he dug in fairly quickly.

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