Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fourth of July, Memaw, Sassy, Family, Friends, Showers...Oh MY!

Bad blogger award goes too....DeAnna Robertson!

We've been busy.  What can I say? :)

Sunday, June 29th, my parents and Sister kept Brayden for us while Nick and I went to a Rangers game.  We were given tickets by a company that Nick buys from.  We got to sit in the All You Can Eat section.  The Rangers didn't win, but we had a fun time anyways.

Randomly, we sold our house through a text message while at the Rangers game.  We didn't even have it listed, but God has plans for us.

Friday, July 4th, we went to New Boston to celebrate Independence Day.  I love this holiday.  :)  My Dad's sisters and their families came down for lunch.  One of my Mom's sisters and her husband showed up during the afternoon.  We swam, ate, and went to the fireworks in downtown NB that evening.  I didn't know how Bray would handle the fireworks, but he took them like a champ.  He actually almost fell asleep.

Saturday, July 5th, Nick and I had dinner with our friends, Greg and Meagan May, at Country Tavern in Kilgore.  Meagan is pregnant with a little girl.  We cannot wait to meet her!

Sunday, July 6th, we hung out at our friends, the Finks, for dinner with lots of friends.  Brayden watched Bracton crawl and is slowly learning to do the same. :)

Tuesday, July 8th, my sweet Memaw went to be with Jesus.  She's been sick for a while now.  She would have been 93 in August.  She's been living at a nursing home in Clarksville.  My Uncle Larry and the staff at the nursing home took wonderful care of her.  We'll miss her, but I also know she's in a better place now.  I joke that she is getting to tour her mansion in heaven that she gets for putting up with my ornery Pepaw for so many years.  She loved God, her family, and Loretta Lynn.  She loved to cook for her family, but would never eat her fried chicken (which was amazing).  She was a great woman, loved by all her kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and great, great grandkids.  She will be missed!  My sister made a slideshow of pictures for the visitation.  Here's the link to see it.  Her funeral was Saturday, July 12th.
One of my favorite pictures of these two!

Our family after the funeral.
Around the time of the funeral, Brayden gave up the paci.  He just flat out refused it during nap one day and bedtime the night before.  I haven't given him one since then, and he hasn't acted like he wanted it.  My baby is growing up!

Sunday, July 13th, Nick, Bray, and I went with the Brummels to the lake after church.  We had a lot of fun riding their boat and wakeboarding.  However, Nick and I are no longer as young as we once were.  We were both acting like we were dying the next day because of how sore we were.  It was hard to pick up Bray for a few days. :)  We took fruit and drinks with us to contribute to the trip.  Brayden loved PowerAde, watermelon, and pineapple.

Thursday, July 17th, Brayden turned 9 months old!  He had his appointment the following day.  He was 26 lb 6 oz (>97th percentile), 29.25 in length (90th percentile), and 19.5 in head (>97th percentile). No shots. He enjoyed the toy waiting on Dr. Ramos. He's pulling up, but doesn't want to crawl. He is MESMERIZED by Mickey. He drinks juice out of a sippy, and has loved any food we've put in front of him.  And, I have to move the dog bowls now if Brayden is in the kitchen.  Otherwise, he's playing in the water bowl.  He loves the saucepan and spoon too.

His face any time Mickey is on.

Saturday, July 19th, Sister and I celebrated her 29th birthday by going to Painting with a Twist in Longview.  Mind you, she turned 30 on August 10th.  We were a little behind in celebrating last year's birthday.  :)  We just finally got around to picking one and going.  We ate at Cheddar's beforehand, and we had a blast!  Bray and Nick got to spend some quality time together.  They went to Chicken E and Braums while we were gone.  Nick said that Brayden LOVED the frozen yogurt.  This kid is going to be so excited to get Blue Bell one day. :)

Friday, July 25th, we went to eat with the McKenzie family to Country Tavern.  They had never been there, and we felt the need to introduce them to some of the best BBQ around. :)

Saturday, July 26th, Brayden and I headed to New Boston for a day full of showers.  One of my best friends from high school is getting married in September, and we attended her wedding shower.  One of my sister's friends from school is having her first baby, so we also attended a baby shower while in town.  Bray and I headed back home after those.  That evening, Nick, Brayden, and myself went to Vaughn's Catfish for dinner to celebrate Nick's great-aunt's 80th birthday with family.  We followed that up with dessert out at the winery with Mitchell, Casey, and the Robicheauxs.  A very full day, but we all had a blast!

We also purchased a portable DVD player for the car because car time has been horrible lately.  Brayden just cries all the time.  The only way to calm him down is to play LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" over and over again.  I'm learning to loathe the song.  Do I listen to him cry, or listen to that song?  We ended up purchasing this one.  It's been a God send, and Bray loves the Mickey DVDs we got him. No more crying in the car.  Yay!

Sadly, our fun weekend was followed by Bray getting double pink eye and an ear infection.  Phooey!  He took antibiotics and eye drops.  We have a follow up appointment tomorrow to make sure he's cleared of both.  It breaks my heart when he's hurting!

To give him some fun, we decided to give him his first bubble bath that evening.  At first, he was not into it.  But after realizing the bubbles weren't going to hurt him, he thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

Friday, August 1st, we headed to make a quick trip to Waco to see Nick's Memaw.  We got to see the Baylor Bears, swim at the hotel, shop some, visit Memaw, go to the Cameron Park Zoo, and celebrate Dakota's 16th birthday.  We had a great time!

Oh my goodness, Brayden was in such a funk for four or five days!  Melanie was being an awesome mother-in-love/Oma, and kept him for me a few afternoons while I packed up the house and got ready for a garage sale.  He didn't nap very well while at their house.  Friday, he was inconsolable most of the day.  Mom offered to keep him that night and Saturday morning so I could do the garage sale without having to worry about him.  He didn't go to sleep until midnight that evening.  Saturday, we celebrated my sister's 30th birthday with swimming, food, and gifts.  We got her an Etsy giftcard and an "Aunt" Charm for her Pandora bracelet.  I put Bray down early for bed because he was in such a bad mood.  He cried when you held him, cried when you put him down, cried here and there and everywhere.  He went to sleep about 7:30pm, we went home later that evening, and he slept the entire way home, and only woke up for a few minutes when we got home.  He didn't wake up until 8:00 or so the next morning.  Bray & I stayed home from church on the 10th in hopes of him getting over whatever was wrong with him.  And I thought his pink eye had returned, but that turned out to not be the case.  I don't know if he still has his ear infection, cutting teeth, allergies, or what, but those were not very pleasant days.  Thankfully, he's returned to himself the past few days.

And he's practically crawling!

I hate that he feels bad, but extra snuggles are always nice.

Melanie got Bray this onsie.  Had to take a picture for her. :)

He likes to pull every toy out of this basket. :)

Daddy was right... time to put the mattress down.  Last night was his first night sleeping with it lowered. 

We'll be moving soon (as in this weekend), so I don't know when will be the next time I will blog.  Have fun world!

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