Sunday, December 1, 2013

Updating, Thanksgiving, and Camping...Oh My!

Brayden has done really well since his surgery.  He's only had a few throw ups, but has progressed to having four ounce bottles instead of just three ounce.  He's gotten to a point where he mainly only wakes up once a night for a bottle around 3:00am then he'll sleep until 7:30 or so.  We're so thankful he has healed well and is a growing boy!

I love coming into the bedroom and seeing the snuggles they give each other. :)

So, I love this kid's smiles (and his dimples) and his very serious faces!

Some nights, he's so sleepy and a limp noodle.  This was one of those evenings.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, we had a very full, but fun, day.  We started the morning at Paris Baby in Paris, TX, for photos with Santa that our friend Tara Swain did.  I can't wait to receive the disc of those pictures.  Then, Nick & I drove to Clarksville so my Memaw could meet her 24th great-grandchild.  We had lunch with my Mom & Dad then came home.  We took naps, then our friends, Jess & Larry came over to visit while they were in town for a short trip.  They hadn't met Bray yet and wanted too.  I put up the Christmas tree but didn't get it really decorated until tonight (December 1st).  However, I did put the ornament on I found at Brookshire's.  It has "Brayden" on it.

The next day, Brayden and I went to New Boston to go to my home church.  He was a little celebrity and got to meet everyone I grew up around.  Mom loved getting to show off her grandson and getting to snuggle with him during church.  My two aunts, uncle, and one cousin from Dad's side came over for lunch.  We all visited then Bray and I headed back home.

Some may call us crazy, but Nick & I took Brayden and went on a camping trip for Thanksgiving.  We went to Buckhorn Creek on Lake of the Pines. We were joined by my mother-in-love, Melanie.  She was the one who had the idea.  She has always wanted to camp for either Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Thanksgiving seemed to be the easier holiday to do this.  Nick & I bought a used pop-up camper back before Brayden was born.  This was its' maiden voyage.

I was concerned with how cold it was (the coldest it got was the mid 20s), but we discovered we could definitely keep the camper warm.  One morning, we woke up with the thermostat on the tower heater saying 89 degrees.  We had to vent some of the windows to get some oxygen and air flow going. :)  I preferred it warmer, but Nick said we had to have some air movement going. :)  Brayden got a couple of hats from Old Navy and as gifts from friends, and he was able to model them on the camping trip.

We had a traditional Thanksgiving meal (brought to you by Crock Pot).  I think we had 7 going.  We had a fried turkey (thanks Husband), dressing, green rice, candied yams, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, fruit salad, and crescents followed by caramel pie and Dutch oven peach cobbler for dessert.

Joe joined us Wednesday evening for dinner then came back out Thursday for Thanksgiving and again Friday for dinner.  Alan, Tovah, and Owen came out for a few hours on Thanksgiving day.  My Sister came to visit most of the day on Friday.  Corey & Katie came to visit on Friday for a bit and meet Brayden.  And, Joe & Melanie, Nick & me, Brayden, and Sister met Mom & Dad at 5D Steakhouse in Avinger on Friday night for dinner.

We went out to the campground Tuesday afternoon and headed home Saturday right before lunch.  We had a blast!  I can't wait to go camping again, but I look forward to when Brayden can run around and play too.

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