Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bible Study "BB for BB" Shower...Oh My!

I have a group of sweet friends that are very dear to me.  This is the fourth or fifth semester I've been involved in this group.  Time flies when you're having fun.  This group of women is my Tuesday night Bible study.  We meet every other Tuesday during school semesters for food, fellowship, and some good Jesus time.  They did something very sweet for me last night.  We had a little gift opening time after Bible study for Mr. Brayden.  Donna called it "BB for BB" which stands for "Baby Book for Baby Brayden."  Love it!  We got some wonderful books, and I can't wait to start reading them to Bray once he arrives.  Thank you all so much!  We appreciate it more than y'all know, and you all have touched our lives by thinking of us.  I love y'all!!!

From Christi Denney...also, thanks for taking all of these pictures for me!
Who gave these to me?  We couldn't figure it out!
From Chelsy McCormick.
Donna said she had intended to give this to me, but decided to keep it for herself instead.  I got a good laugh at the name.

From Sherry Minyard.
From Audrey Shumate.
From Kelley Fink.
From Holly Self. 
From Dia Hardeman.

From Chaynie Borum.
From Donna Packer.

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