Monday, July 8, 2013

Fourth of July, New Friends, and Furniture...Oh My!

We celebrated the Fourth of July by heading to New Boston for lunch.  My Dad's family came to my parents' house to eat lunch.  It was such a pleasant day, we ate outside, and spent the entire time out there.  Sister & I took one picture together, and other than that, I didn't get any.

Nick & I headed back to Pittsburg that afternoon.  We visited with some of Nick's high school friends for just a bit, then watched the fireworks in Pittsburg from the back of our car parked at Broach Park.  The Fourth is one of my favorite holidays!

Friday night, Nick & I attended a fish fry at the Mayben's cabin.  They had invited all of the new coaches and their wives over, and we got to meet all of them.  I'm so excited for this upcoming football season.  This group of coaches seem like they are really going to give it their all.  We enjoyed getting to visit with all of them, and I can't wait to get to know each of them better.  One of the coach's wives, Devon, is going to have a little boy any day now.  So Brayden will have a little playmate!

Saturday, Nick had to work all day long.  I painted a dresser a coworker of mine found on facebook for me.  I'm going to do one whole blog devoted to that project, but here's a little teaser...  This is what the dresser looked like when I bought it.

That evening, Nick & I ate dinner with the Maybens at Shogun in Longview.  It was DELICIOUS!  Then they dropped us off at Alan & Tovah's house.  Nick's grandmother has moved into an assisted living place.  Alan & Melanie went to Waco on Saturday to load up a lot of furniture and knick-knacks that we all wanted to keep in the family.  Since Nick & I weren't able to go to Waco to help load-up everything, we wanted to help them unload the U-Haul.  Nick & I got there before Alan & Melanie, so we played with Owen and visited with Tovah.  Owen was super sweet and "kissed" Brayden goodnight before he went to bed.  We unloaded the items Alan & Tovah were keeping, then got on the road to go back to Pittsburg.  Sunday, we unloaded our items at our house, and then helped unload Melanie's items at their house.

I hate that Memaw is no longer living at her home, but I believe this will be a great move for her.  She is quite the social bug, and her memory is sharp as a tack!  She'll know everyone's name and story before long (and be able to tell you in detail about everything that is going on there).  We received some pieces that we will always treasure.  We got a mirror that belonged to Memaw's mother, a Singer sewing machine & stand, a linen box that belonged to Melanie's grandfather, and a set of dishes I once told Memaw I liked.  She's always remembered me saying that I liked those dishes, and my name has been on them ever since. :)  We already have a few pieces that we brought home with us when we were there for Gavin & Lindzie's wedding a few weeks back.  She also gave us her glider two years ago.  I'm going to put the glider in Brayden's nursery after I recover the cushions.  I don't have pictures of the items except for the Singer machine and stand.  Don't ask me why, but I have always wanted one of these.  The belt is long gone, but I'm hoping we can possibly repair that.  I don't know if I'd ever use it, but I absolutely love the way it looks.

Sunday, Nick worked again most of the day, then we went over to the Maybens' to eat dinner.  Casey had made spaghetti, and it was so good.  That is one of my all time favorite meals.  She and the kids also made an AWESOME dessert.  It was a sugar cookie "pizza" complete with cream cheese icing, strawberries, and blueberries.  I said I only wanted a small slice...but I ended up eating Keyton's too. :)  We all then loaded up to go with Mitchell to take pictures of a property he is listing.  I've missed the Maybens.  This summer has been crazy for us all, and I feel like we haven't seen them in ages until this weekend.  Keyton asked me on Friday, "Nana, where's your baby?"  I said, "He's still in my tummy Keyton, right here (pointing to my stomach)."  He said, "Oh, ok."  Nick said, "Well, they haven't seen us in about a month.  He's just curious as to when this kid is coming." :)

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