Monday, January 7, 2013

New Years, Babysitting, and Bingo...Oh My!

First post of 2013!!!

The last night of 2012 was spent eating and dancing.  We first went to our friends', John & Chaynie's, new house to eat dinner.  Chaynie had made a wonderful dish that warmed us all up.  David, Kelley, Bailey, Kristen, Travis, and Harold were also in attendance.  We played with the kids, visited a lot, then everyone went their separate ways about 8:00pm.  I was awful and forgot to take any pictures.  Those with kiddos had to get the ready for bed, and Nick & I wanted to go to the Country Club where Koe & the Konvicts would be playing some good ole' Texas Country.  I've so missed Texas Country since moving from Stephenville.  They don't seem to play it quite as much here as they did there.  We hung out with our friends, Matt & Kim, and danced the night away.  As soon as the clock struck midnight, we kissed, then went home!  We are no longer used to staying up quite so late.  :)
The best picture I could get of the band.
Tuesday, Nick headed out to hunt, and I slept in.  He got home, and we headed to New Boston to celebrate my birthday with my family!  My aunts, uncle, and cousins all came to celebrate as well.  We had yummy food (with black eyed peas, of course).  Sister made me an awesome apron for my birthday.  I absolutely LOVE it!  I always loved Wonder Woman growing up, and always wanted to be her for Halloween.  However, we were never able to find me a costume!  But, Sister has that covered now.  I can just wear it for Halloween now!  We had such a fun time with everyone... and I got some cuddling with Ranger in.  We left Satchel at home, so he wouldn't be too jealous.  He sniffed like crazy when I got home though.
He was sooo sleepy after everyone left.
Sister in her "Incredibles" and me in my "Wonder Woman" aprons.  We're SUPER!
Wednesday, we cleaned out a corner of the garage for my birthday present from Nick...a FREEZER!  I know I'm a nerd, but I'm ecstatic for the freezer.  I menu plan like crazy (as in, I already have the entire 2013 year planned out), and I love to buy in bulk or when things are on sale to save money when I can.  However, I can never buy that much meat, pizzas, frozen veggies, or do lots of freezer meals because we've only ever had our refrigerator freezer.  Nick had been trying to figure out what to get me, and I told him I would be completely ok with a freezer and was not kidding.  We've still got to get all the empty boxes from Christmas presents taken to the dump and Christmas decoration boxes put up in the attic, but we made plenty of room for the freezer.  And, if you're wondering where I get my menu planning things from, check out Bold Turquoise's blog.  She doesn't have the templates up for 2013, but I just opened her .pdf in PhotoShop and changed the dates and color myself.  I've always wanted it to be turquoise, so that's just what I did!  If you'd like me to e-mail you my .pdf documents, message me on facebook or leave a comment.  I'll send them to you.

Friday, Keyton came to spend the night with us.  His sister, Kenlie, had a dance competition in Shreveport, and Casey & Mitchell wanted to be able to focus on her dancing instead of having to corral a 2 year old.  So, Bud came and had lots of fun with Nick & "Nana."  They dropped him off after work, and then we headed to Pete's for dinner.  Pete's is this kid's FAVORITE place to eat.  After eating, we were on our way home, and Keyton is looking out the window at the Scrubbies.  He was trying to see if anyone was driving through it, and I told him, "Scrubbies is closed Keyton."  He replied with, "Diddy's is open."  Hint, hint.  It made us laugh so hard, we couldn't refuse him.  He also kept saying, "The have a kid's table."  He was so excited to get to sit at his size table.  Nick said he looked lonely sitting there, even though we were at the table next to him, and got up to go with with him.  Keyton LOVED it!  We spent the rest of the evening playing "cows" and watching "Duck Dynasty."  We just love this kid!
Smile for me, Keyton!
Very serious about his pizza.
Saturday was filled with fun.  We had breakfast at the Hot Link Joint.  We went by Mayben's to see Keyton's grandmother (and I shopped a bit while there).  We watched Despicable Me and Tangled.  Nick made lunch.  I napped.  Keyton played with the puppies A LOT.  That's all he talked about all weekend... feeding them, giving them treats, petting them, letting them out of their kennels, watching them run around the backyard.  He loves them.  Then we went to Nick's cousin's wedding.  It was a super quick ceremony at the Prayer Tower in Pittsburg.  I didn't get any pics, whoops.  Then we headed to Longview to meet up with Mitchell, Casey, & Kenlie for dinner.  We ate at Roadhouse.  Kenlie was dancing the entire time.  She was so excited because they got 1st place.  GO BCD!!  She still had glitter on her eyes and kept showing it to me.  Casey and I ran to Hobby Lobby then on to play Bingo with some of our friends.  We had such a good time even though none of us won anything.  

Keyton petting "the big dog."  It was so hard to get him to say "Tex."
The dancing queen and me. :)
She seriously danced all. night. long.
Casey & Christi getting ready for Bingo.
Stacey & Chaynie getting ready for Bingo.
Kelley, Kristen, and me getting ready for Bingo.

So far, it's been a great start to 2013.  Let's hope it continues this way.  This week is kicking it off full gear.  Les Mis with a coworker tonight, Bible Study tomorrow night, church Wednesday night, and I'm sure a whole host of things this weekend.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

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