Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Family, Lake, and Food... Oh MY!

This past weekend was so much fun!  Friday night, Joe & Melanie came over for dinner.  Nick finished the front yard, and I cleaned the house.  Then my parents and sister came to spend the night.  We all got up, and went to eat breakfast with Joe & Melanie at the Hot Link Joint.  Then, my parents, sister, Nick & I headed to Lake Cherokee for the Bray family reunion.  I love this family, but we rarely get to see them.  As in, Nick's never met any of them before except my Dad's sisters, bothers-in-law, and nieces.  So, this was Nick's first time to meet my Dad's aunt and a lot of his cousins.  They were an absolute blast!  We arrived there Saturday, took a tour of the house, and grazed on finger foods.  Then everyone started showing up.  We had groups out on the barge, on the Sea Doo, swimming in the cove, kayaking, and sitting around talking.  We had a delicious dinner of BBQ.  After dinner, my Dad, his cousin Mark, and my sister played guitars and sang for a bit.  My Aunt Nee joined in on the singing as well.  We took a "midnight" boat ride (it was actually at 10:30) to view all of the lake houses lit up at night.  Then we stayed up even later talking.  I was a party pooper and went to bed before everyone else, but I didn't think I could last much longer!  Sunday morning, we had a big, delicious breakfast.  Followed by wakeboarding and skiing.  My sister and I, and Nick & I enjoyed some time on the Sea Doo.  Mark grilled hot dogs for lunch, and then we all had to head home.  It's been at least 7 years since we've all gotten together.  Hopefully, it won't take us that long to all get together again!

Taking a ride on the barge.  Carlene let Torrence drive!
Sister & me on the Sea Doo.
My Aunt Nee and cousin Lindsay.
My great Aunt Betty!  She sat on a wet chair and Mark was drying her off with the leaf blower. :) 
Nick acting like he was going to pull Lindsay in the lake.
Nick & I on the Sea Doo.
Our wonderful host Carlene!
Sister, Dad, and Dad's cousin, Mark playing guitars and Dobro and singing
Sister and Dad
Cute little one, Torrence. 
The Roy Dale family with Aunt Betty.  She's the last of the Bray siblings still alive.  Aunt Betty was my Pawpaw's sister.   
Everyone that came!
Staci, Shelia, and Kristi.  Staci & Kristi are my second cousins, Shelia is my first cousin once removed.  This was the first time I met Staci and Kristi.  I love all three of these girls!  They are so much fun!
Our wonderful host family - Mark, Carlene, and Kristi.
Kevin & Mark listening to the musicians. 
Dad and his cousins, Carlene and Shelia (they're sisters). 
Mom, Nick & I 
The 1st cousins with Aunt Betty.
Kristi & I - we're second cousins.  I'm learning what 1st cousins once removed, second cousins, etc. means. :)
My great-Aunt Betty and her great granddaughter, Bailey.  She's too cute!
Me wakeboarding.
Sister, Nick & I.
Mark grilling us some hot dogs.
Aunt Nee, Lindsay, and Aunt Betty.

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