Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hunger Games, Babysitting, & Camping...Oh MY!

Wow, the last two weeks have been super busy!

Monday, March 19th was my Dad's birthday.  However, we celebrated it a few days before in New Boston.  Nick and I had dinner with Joe & Melanie that evening.

Thursday, March 22nd, I got my hair done by the lovely Mrs. Randa.  LOVE her! :)  Then I immediately went home to take a nap.  A coworker of mine, her daughter, and I went to the midnight showing of The Hunger Games!  It was AMAZING!  We got to MP entirely too early, but you never know how crowded a midnight showing is going to be.  We arrived at the theater around 10:30 and stood underneath the awning as it rained.  At least we stayed dry.  I thought Michelle was going to have to pull out her Momma voice on a few of the high school kids that kept cutting in front of everyone.  But everything turned out okay and we had good seats. :)  I think that was one of the best adaptations of a book to movie I've ever seen!  They didn't leave too much stuff out and only changed one or two things from the book, but nothing too drastic.  I want to go see it again desperately!

My coworker's daughter, Hannah.  :)
Friday, March 23rd, Nick & I spent the evening fishing and eating dinner with Joe & Melanie out at Highland Club Lake.  Joe and I picked up some delicious BBQ at Kahuna's in Pittsburg.  Go there if you haven't, it's GREAT!  Then we headed out to the lake to feed the fishermen. :)  We had our picnic dinner then Nick & I went out on the boat for Nick to fish.  I help Satchel in my lap.  It was his first time on a boat.  There was this little girl and her grandfather fishing off the pier.  Every time she threw her lure into the water, she'd yell, "I got a fish! I got a fish!"  Her grandfather would say, "Not yet."  She'd say this two or three times.  Finally the grandfather would say, "Alright, NOW you have a fish!  Reel it in!"  It was sooo precious. :)

My handsome hubby caught a fish.

Fishing, fishing, fishing.

Satchel was very intent on watching Nick's lure in the water. :)

Playing with Instagram.  Looking good husband!

My precious pup!

We both got cold.  Nick had to let me borrow his jacket. :)
Saturday, March 24th, Nick and I ate breakfast at the Hot Link Joint then babysat the Mayben children.  Mitchell and Casey were attending the Mardi Gras Ball fundraiser for the Northeast Texas Rural Heritage Museum, so we volunteered to take care of Kenlie and Keyton.  It was too much fun!  I got most of my Barbie stuff from my parents' house last week.  Nick got his toy cars from his parents' house.  And we brought the kids' bikes over.  We spent the evening playing Barbies, cars, and riding out bikes and walking Satchel.  Kenlie was very adamant that Keyton and Satchel weren't allowed in the room where we were playing Barbies because she didn't want them to mess up our stuff.  Keyton and Nick played cars and made dinner (yummy hot dogs).  Then Kenlie and I made cookies.  Then the kids wanted to take a bike ride around the neighborhood.  Kenlie was awesomely dressed in a tutu.  She looked so cute.  Keyton's little legs couldn't quite reach the pedals.  So Nick was having to pull him along.  We ended up looping Satchel's leash around the handlebars and Nick pulled Keyton/walked Satchel.  Then the kids got baths, and Kenlie wanted to dance on the Kinect before she picked out a movie, Monster's Inc, to watch.  After about an hour, I switched to Tangled because I figured that would get Kenlie to go to sleep.  Within 15 minutes, she was out like a light. Nick had already put Keyton down for bed.  He put Kenlie in her bed and we all went to sleep for the night.  Mitchell and Casey came to pick the kids up before church so they could get ready at their house.  We had a blast getting to keep them.

Barbies blew-up in the Mary Poppin's bedroom. :)

Cute Miss Kenlie on her bike.


Nick pulling Keyton.

Then we got inventive. :)

Sunday morning waiting on Mom & Dad.

That is some serious bedhead Keyton. :)
We had lunch with the Mayben's after church, then Nick & I spent the day at home.

Thursday, March 29th through April 1st, Nick & I took my sister camping!  For Christmas, Nick & I gave my sister a "Let's Go Camping" box.  So, before it got too hot, we took my Sister camping at Buckhorn Creek on Lake o' the Pines.  We had a BLAST!  We headed to the campground Thursday after work.  We set everything up then Nick made hot dogs for dinner.  Friday, we had a big breakfast, fished, hung around, checked out some boat renting prices, then my parents came to eat dinner.  We made steaks, baked potatoes and grilled corn on the cob.  Mom brought pies for dessert.  We also made s'mores. :)  Saturday, we had breakfast then rented a pontoon boat from Marley's Bullfrog Marina.  Melanie met us at the marina at 8:30am and we fished until 3:00pm.  My sister and I had packed up enough food for us to eat on the boat.  My sister caught her very first fish, a catfish, from the boat.  She, Melanie, and Nick caught a few more as well.  I got a few nibbles, but never caught anything.  I ended up relaxing with Satchel and my Kindle.  It was very relaxing.  I love boats.  We went back to the campsite and made dinner.  Sunday, we fished then went back to the campsite to eat a big brunch!  Then we packed everything up and headed back to reality.  :(  It was a great weekend though.  We've converted my sister and she wants to make this a bi-annual trip.  I think we could do that. :)

Nick and Sister fishing...


Husband fishing.

Fishing wears a puppy out.

A baby turtle I saw at the marina.

Making our steak dinner.

Nick driving the boat.

Sister and I on the boat ride.

Sister giving Satchel bunny ears.

Sister's very first fish!


Her second one.  Love her face. 

Cute little Satchel.  He's wearing his new lifejacket.

Melanie catching a fish.

Melanie's fish.

Satchel begging sister for food.

Husband driving.

Melanie soaking up the sun.

Me. :)

The beautiful lake.

I love my puppy.

He was worn smooth out.

Sister caught another fish!

Nick caught one too!

The day after we got home.  He was still exhausted. :)

This weekend is my mother-in-law's birthday.  I'm not entirely sure what we are doing yet, but we'll have a blast I'm sure.  Plus, I believe it is time for Nick and I to have a date night. :)  Maybe I can convince him to take me to see The Hunger Games again if I agree to go to Academy, and I'll sweeten the deal by throwing Taco Casa out there for dinner.  One of my very best friends, Jess Wilcox, is getting married at the end of May.  We've got a bridal shower, lingerie shower, and bachelorette party this month.  Can't wait for all three!

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