Monday, April 30, 2012

Family, Showers, and Yardwork...Oh My!

Jess & Larry are one step closer to being married!!!!  I and 20 other women threw the future Sullivan's a bridal shower this past Saturday.  I was the main hostess and got all of the decorations together.  I also took care of the invitations.  The lovely ladies who helped me took care of all the food.  I know Jess loved it and can't wait to get to use all of the goodies she got.  I went with a vintage theme since that is what she's doing for the wedding.  Here are a few pictures.
Gift and card table. 
My awesome boss let me use one of her old suitcases for decor. 
Food table.
Food table again.
Entry table.  I made the old window with picture for part of their wedding present from Nick & I.
She's going to use it in her wedding decorations!
Swag I made.
Stuff from our spare bedroom.
The vase is Jess's, the birds were mine, and the books came from the church.
Centerpiece of the food table.
Drinks & Cupcakes.
Everyone visiting and eating.
Cute Miss Chloe eating.
More visiting.
Present time!
Another present picture.
Bride with mother, sister, grandmother, future MIL, and future grandMIL.
Bride with all of the hostesses.
The beautiful Miss Jess and I.  Can't wait for her wedding!
When I jumped into my car to go to the church for the shower, there was a lizard hanging out on my windshield!  I didn't know what to do, and I sure as heck wasn't touching it, so I let it sit there. As I was driving down the road in our neighborhood, he committed suicide or learned how to fly by running off of the hood of my car.  Then yesterday, there was a different lizard hanging out INSIDE my car.  I have no idea how it got there.  But my hubby was my knight and shining armor and got it out of the car for me.  He didn't even have to kill it.  However, I think Satchel might have caught it later and eaten it.  Whoops.
It's a magical, levitating lizard.
After the shower on Saturday, Nick & I went fishing with his parents.  We were out at Highland for about 2 hours (most of the time I read), and then we came back to town to eat BBQ.  After dinner, Nick & I decided to rent Thor from the Blockbuster kiosk.  It was scratched to within an inch of its life, so we were only able to watch 15 minutes of it before it froze and would no longer work.  So, I wrote an e-mail to Blockbuster this morning.  We'll see how it is handled.  We ended up not doing much else for the rest of the day.
Really?!  Why would this still be in the kiosk looking like this???
Sunday, we had church, ate lunch with the Mayben's, then came home to work on the yard and back porch.  After last Sunday, I've gotten in the mood to get the outside of our house looking as good as the inside. :)  Nick mowed, weed eated, spread fertilizer, watered, etc.  I cleaned everything off the back porch, swept, stacked firewood, and was then going to power wash.  I ended up not power washing because I ran out of time.  I'll get around to that this week sometime.  Side note: has anyone ever used the window washing stuff that you attach to a water hose?  I'm wanting to try it on our windows rather than wash them by hand.  Just wondering if it's worth my time.  I have pictures below of the pre cleaned back porch.  Once I'm able to power wash it, I'll put post cleaned back porch up.  I put everything back on the porch and got ready for my parents and sister to come down.  We hung-out for a few hours and had dinner.  Then they headed home.  Nick & I watched Once Upon a Time then went to bed.
Here's the back porch before it's been cleaned.
Another shot of the back porch pre cleaning.
This upcoming weekend will be an absolute blast!!!  Nick & I are going to the fourth playoff game of the Dallas Mavericks with a few of my coworkers.  There will be many pictures for the next blog, I'm sure of it!

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