Monday, November 21, 2011

It's been so busy...Oh My!

Well, I've been an utter failure in the blogging world as of late.  My last post was October 10th, and tons has happened since then.  Hence the reason I haven't blogged. :)

The weekend of October 14th, Owen came to visit Pittsburg!  We had too much fun getting to play with him for a few days, even if he wasn't feeling too hot.  That Friday evening, Nick and I went out with the Mayben's and the Jernigan's for dinner and to see "Footloose."  I LOVED it! :)  We hung-out again with Mitch and Casey on Saturday.  It was a good, fun weekend.

On Friday, October 21st, my sister and I headed to Wyoming to see my very best friend from high school get married that Saturday.  I was also a bridesmaid in the wedding.  Hannah was absolutely gorgeous, Brett was handsome, the location was awesome, and the fellowship was quite fun.  Han and Brett got married in this awesome old train roundhouse in Evanston.  Here are just a few pics.
The beautiful Miss Erin Buller.

Complete class right there...Hannah was hungry before the wedding. :)

The best maid-of-honor Miss Jane Buller.

The awesome ceremony location.

The even more awesome reception site.

The very GORGEOUS bride, Mrs. Hannah Ruth DAVIS!

The infamous "Buller-Bray" leg braid.  We joked it now has to be the "Buller-Bray-Robertson-Davis" leg braid. :)

The next weekend, I went to New Boston to spend some time with my sweet Momma and attend a wedding for a friend from high school, Amber.  She married a great guy named Adam.  Their wedding was in Hooks at Ramage Farms.  It was beautiful and perfect.  Magan, Jessi, and I were able to paint their get-away car.  Heath (Amber's brother) was not very kind and did the nastier things to the car, like spray fart spray inside the vehicle.  But, everything ended well.  :)
I copied this from Clear Impressions website.  They did such a great job on her pictures!
On October 31st, Nick and I helped out at our church's Fall Festival.  There were tons of kids and we had a blast, however we didn't hang out long.  We went back to the house to a mass of Trick-or-Treaters.  I definitely did not buy enough candy.  We ended up turning off the porch light and going to the bedroom so Trick-or-Treaters would hopefully realize we didn't have any candy left.

The very next weekend I got to spend Friday and Saturday with my Bestie, April Anne, and her little man Wyatt in Canton.  April works a hair bow booth in Canton called Three Sisters Bows.  I helped her make a few bows, but mainly I played with Wyatt.  We'd walk around and look at all the fun stuff for sale.  He fell asleep a few times as well. We also got to enjoy the dollar taco stand after we finished the day.  It was super yummy.  So glad I got to spend that precious time with them.  Too bad we didn't take ANY pictures though.  We will remedy this when they come to visit in December. :)

On Sunday, November 6th, the quartet my Dad has sung in for the past 5 years had their farewell concert.  It was a bittersweet concert.  There were eleven current and prior quartet members who were able to make it for the concert.  It was at First Baptist Church Moore's Lane in Texarkana.  They did such a great job!  I'll surely miss going to Southern Grace concerts and seeing the guys all the time.  I'll console myself while listening to all of their cds. :)
Me and my Daddy after the concert.

Our family after the concert.
On Thursday, November 10th, the bank I work for, Pilgrim Bank, celebrated it's 100th anniversary.  I know some people get confused because the name "Pilgrim Bank" hasn't been around that long.  However, a bank's age is determined from when it was first chartered.  Think of it like a woman getting married.  Just because she gets married, you don't start counting her age over at one (even though I'm sure many women would love that). :)  We had a scavenger hunt, a huge cake, and a balloon release.  It was so much fun, however, I'm definitely glad it's over.  I've been able to rest a bit since then. :)
Love my co-worker, Eva. :) 
My friend, Jess, had her class come and they sang "Happy Birthday" to Pilgrim Bank and release balloons.

We had a HUGE cake that turned people's mouths blue. :)

Some of the wonderful women I work with.

Employees of Pilgrim Bank.  They're all awesome!
The Pilgrim Bank employees and directors and Jess's fourth grade class at the ribbon cutting.
Saturday, November 12th, Nick and I went out with our sweet friends, Mitch and Casey, again.  They have two of the cutest kids around.  We all headed over to Winsboro to the steakhouse there.  I think it's called Double C.  Anyways, it was absolutely delicious, and the company was awesome.  I always love getting to spend time with them.

Last Monday, I headed over to my friend, Jess's, house for an Arbonne party.  It's not that Jess necessarily wanted to throw a party, but she needed to get the Arbonne lady off her back.  So she made it a bridesmaid deal.  Tovah, myself and Jenna headed over to her house to eat pizza and get pampered a bit.  It was a very enjoyable evening.

This past weekend was just as full as ever.  Nick and I went to see Pittsburg High School's rendition of "Grease."  The kids all did such a great job!  A few of the youth from our church played leads, and were all awesome!  Saturday, Nick and I worked with our Sunday School teachers taping the classroom to be prepped for painting.  We are paining this week!  We practiced a song we sang Sunday morning.  Then we headed to Longview.  I am on the decorating committee at church, and I needed to buy decorations for our Family Life Center for Christmas.  We had everything picked out (and had to fight a multitude of people just to walk around), and were ready to check out when I realized I left the giftcard at home!  I was so annoyed with myself.  But, we took pictures of everything, and we're going back tonight to buy it all.  That evening, we met up with Nick's parents, aunt & uncle, and brother & sister-in-law, and our nephew for Joe's birthday at Texas Roadhouse.  We all ate till we were too full, but we had a great time. I didn't get any pictures of this event, but Nick and I gave him Boyd Chisum's newest book entitled "I'll Run with You."  We also brought a thin mint cake.  It was super yummy! :)  Sunday, we had church, then headed out immediately for Thanksgiving #1 in New Boston.  This get-together was with my Dad's side of the family.  We celebrated Thanksgiving, my Uncle David's birthday, and my Aunt Nea's 50th brithday!  It was fun but not nearly long enough.  Thank goodness we'll have all day Christmas day to spend together.  Sunday evening was choir practice for our Christmas Cantata at church.  We'll be performing that on Sunday, December 18th.  Can't wait for that!
My cousin Lindsey & I at the Thanksgiving meal.
This week will be just as full as ever, but we get to have Thursday and Friday off.  That will be soo nice.  I'll try to be more timely and post more often instead of one large post every 6 weeks. :)

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