Monday, March 7, 2011

The "Boy" Bedroom

We have recently redecorated the two guest bedrooms we have in our house.  To forestall any questions, no we are not pregnant, and I do not know when we will have children.  However, we did decorate these rooms with children in mind.  We have a "girl" room and a "boy" room.  This way, whenever we do decide to have children, their room is ready for them.  We'll just need to buy baby furniture.  :)  I finally put the finishing touches on the boy room today.  Most of the decorations are from Nick's college room.  We decorated it as a hunting room.  The girl room is almost finished.  I just need to find the brackets to hang my Mary Poppins tapestry and it will be "practically perfect."  Our guest bathroom is also almost finished.  Nick needs to install the new switches and outlet, and I need to finish some art I'll be hanging.  But for now, I'll let you see the "boy" room. :)
Before - Looking into the bedroom from the door.
After - Color "Evergreen" from Sherwin Williams
Before - Closet
After - I love this room. :)
Before - Looking towards the living room.

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